Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Cup of Storm

I found your book, o’ love,
It fell through a crack in heaven
And landed in me.

So if you wish to read your life,
Read me,
If you wish to write your life,
Then write me.

Take a pen,
Spell your name in
The orbit of my eyes,
And paint your tears
In the canvas of
My heavy skies.

A storm is brewing
Like a cup of coffee,
Bless the rain, and
Drink the storm
With me.


Pete said...

Having read your poems here, I can safely conclude that you're one heck of a poet! Your skill with the pen is enviable, my friend. It's an honor to have my own site linked to yours.. I'll be sure to link yours to mine:)Keep writing! You have a gift for it!

Milky Tea said...

Thank you, pete! I take your compliment and will keep it safe in my pocket for quick use if my day grows weary. Hehehe.

And thank you for your kind encouragement. The fact it is coming from a wordsmith is even more encouraging.

May your ink never run dry, my friend.