Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Ego, Me, Myself and I

The human ego is a creature of great intelligence. And above all else, it craves attention. Win or lose, it will feed on the debate of your mind. So, come on. Forget about it. Read a book. Tidy the garden. Something useful and beneficial, rather than be drawn into a lengthy debate with your ego. You can never win, you know…

I don’t know whether this is normal. Heche certainly doesn’t think so. Sometimes, when I am alone, my head is suddenly echoing with all sorts of thoughts. Unfortunately, they tend to be negative. I can quite literally work myself up into a knot of fear, anger, envy and sadness. Ignore the whispers, I used to counsel myself. Don’t listen to them. To use psycho-language, they are a mental projection of my own feelings and Ego, projected on the screen of my mind. God-like, they do not exist unless I make them exist. But unlike God, I cannot simply wish them away. So what I do is, I just try to ignore them …

44. Uninvited Guest (With Shal)
If a fox has entered your house,
Just leave the door open,
Do not look at the fox too closely.
Better still, just let it be,
For the fox will eventually go away,
It won’t stay.

And if it does steal some chicken,
That’s fine.

People eat too much chicken, anyway.

(No.44, from ‘the Dam.Munir.Ana’. P.S. I sometimes have a particular friend in mind when I write, so it appears I had my good friend, Shal, in mind when I wrote this. I don't know if he is meant to be the fox or the chicken. Hehehe.)

It doesn't work all the time. But a happy memory, company of a friend, or simply keeping busy, often chase my blues away. I think the point is... we cannot do this alone. I think we should stand up right now and applaud our friends and family, these saints who stick by us and tolerate our failings and mad utterings! God bless them... I would be so much the poorer without them.

Without you.


shashal said...

I wanna be the fox!!! Please, please, please... dont know why but I kinda like that word 'foxy'!

So don't chase me away whenever I enter your house okay! Get me some chicken instead! :)

Milky Tea said...

I think you are the farmer, bro. Old MacDonald, you know. Hehehe.