Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Lord of Jerusalem II

If you are the northern cliffs,
I am the glacier that
Runs through your
Redoubtable hills,

If you are the sun,
I am the comets
That blew by
When you
Were young
And hasty,

If you are the raging sea,
I am the beacon standing
By you, bright like a star
And shining from your
Empty shore,

If you are the desert,
I am the oasis to
Quench the thirst
Of men driven mad
By your desolation.

But you are none of the above,
You are simply you,
And I remain myself
To give unto thee such love
That I possess beyond
The poverty of wealth.

Tis’ not Jerusalem that
Yields to me,
For I am here now,
And I yield to Jerusalem
And her Lord.

No.56, is extracted from "There Are Only Two Words in the Language of Love", a chapter of 123 poems recorded circa end 2008. It is part of a corpus of romantic poetry written over the course of 2 years, which I like now to name the "Heche Verses". Some people like to say that God is a necessary third in a loving relationship. And I used to agree. But now, as I am softly comforted by a late evening shower, I say that God is the first and the last. The Alpha and the Omega, The Awal and the Akhir of any relationship. He is the transmuting catalyst, the cause and consequence of love.

For those who practise the arcane science of love, may you find Him in the petri dish of your daily experiments and nightly congress of love. He is the Hidden, but He is also the Apparent. If He wishes, you will undoubtedly find Him, whether you are looking for Him or not.

Fairness? But there is no fairness in love, my pretty.

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