Saturday, January 29, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKA (2 days early albeit)!!!

Today's Mikhail's first birthday party in my house since his 1st birthday waaay back in 2005. Since then, he has been celebrating his birthday at his mother's place. So it is a big deal for me today/ Its 8.00am now and I am of course, panicking. So many things to do and so little time. Managed to put the banner and name up already though. Tables and chairs arriving at 9l30am. Hope to have the decorations done by then... By the sms-es I received from her, I don't think Heche (as party coordinator) slept last night, worried and anxious. Life is always challenging. Ya Huu!
Okaay, I gotta run. Hope to update the blog later today (if I have the energy).

Have a wonderful Saturday, sunshine. May your day sparkle as I pray this day shall be for Mika...
Pax Taufiq


Anonymous said...

A Message for Mikhail!


I was going to wish you a Happy 7th Birthday on Monday 31st, but now I see your big party is today and I didn’t want to miss it! Have a great early birthday party and I’ll check in later to hear all about it.

From America!

Milky Tea said...

Salam Anon!

Thank you for your kind wishes. I shall surely inform Mika, in between his playing with the toys and reading the books he got. Next time, don't just say hi, come and meet Mika! He is surly like a teenager and cynical like a 40-year old, but he has high entertainment value, people say. I sound just like a proud dad. Hehehe. I guess I am.

From Malaysia!