Saturday, January 8, 2011

I met Today that other Day.

10. Today Greeted Me
Late this morning, Today greeted me,
"Peace of the morning to you,
And Peace of the gentle night
That passed you by, o' Taufiq,
Peace! From the Lord who created me, Today,
For mankind and for the djinns!"

Shyly I replied, "Peace, o' Today."

Today explained, "In my left hand,
I carry the happiness of this world,
In all its curious shapes and forms,
And in my right hand I bear the happiness
Of the hidden world, in all its many
Truths and certainties.”

Today then continued, "I am commanded
By our Lord Who Creates to offer
Both of these gifts to you. Will you
Take the Lord's gifts?"

I did not pause, thanking God
And Today in gratitude,
Before enquiring, "But how did you
Know where to find me, o' Today?

Today smiled and answered,
"It was an easy thing for me to do.
I simply followed the gentle voices
And music of the Maulud that was
Playing in your ears and pouring like
An ocean turned upside down
Inside your heart, o' Taufiq!"

Today placed his hands upon
His breast and explained,
“The songs of praise for
Muhammad Habibullah is
Ever like a siren call to me!”

Today then took a seat
Near me, looking at me
And asked,
“Any more questions?”

“Just one more, o’ Today”, I replied.
“Who are Yesterday and
Tomorrow? Are they
Your brothers?”

Today chuckled in answer,
“Good question, my mortal!
Nay, they are not my brothers,
They are me, and I am them,
In a different place and time.
But we are, in Truth, one.”

“What a fascinating creature
You are, Mr. Yesterday-Today
And Tomorrow!”, I exclaimed.

Then, Today suddenly stood up,
Looking at me in a happy surprise,
He put in plain speak,
“Me? I am fascinating?
Hehehe. O’ mortal, there
Is no creature
More fascinating
And beguiling
Than man! And I bear witness
That verily you are at a lost,
Save for those of you that join together
In the mutual teaching of
Truth, Patience and Constancy!
MasyaAllah! MasyaAllah!


MAN PROPOSES BUT... This conversation was recorded around April - May 2009 in my chapter entitled 'Muhammad, My Only Other'. I think people generally worry too much AND too little about the future. It may be mystic / sufic sensibilities to suggest that we should not plan anything, after all, doesn't the saying goes that 'Man proposes but God disposes'?
NO EXCUSE. Well, I think that is just an excuse and misinterpretation to suit my laziness. Yes, of course God ultimately is the Will of Creation, whatever we plan or scheme. But the whole point is we are SUPPOSE to plan, regardless.
PLAN! I have made the mistake of not planning. I plan to do so from now on. Oops. Hehehe, what I mean to say is... I will do so and plan from now on.
BTW, the last bit in the story above is in reference to Surah Al-Asr of the Quran, which is the 103rd chapter of the Holy Scripture. I am sure you noted that, my pretties.
Ah well, have a great planned Saturday, sunshine. God wants it. And I intend to fulfill His Wishes!
Pax Taufiqa.

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