Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Division in Knowledge, and Disbelief is a Servant of God

When God created, it is to teach man about himself, about the world that surrounds him and how it interconnects to the singular Beauty that is God. Thus, the world is like a classroom and it is only ONE classroom. And your short life is essentially only ONE period of a day in school. And in that period you are to learn all that is needed to be learned for you to find God, peace and happiness. Teachers come in different hats carrying different books but ultimately they are teaching you from one single source - God the Loving Himself. But man are easily confused with labels of knowledge and it is sad that...
The division of knowledge
Between spiritual knowledge
And physical knowledge is
The biggest lie swallowed
By modern man.

The boss of your office, the headmaster of your school, and some priests of your church, mosque or synogogue will draw the line between the material and the spiritual practises - Saying they are not the same. Yet the truth is known to other priests, and they would confide in you that...
The division of life
Between secular habit and
Spiritual ritual is another
Whopper of a lie often
Swallowed by man.

I say this, because the Universe is conspiring to tell us every freakin' moment that...

Your Lord has no divisions,
He is One and unto Him
There is no partition.
All things, all creatures
And all occurrences
Bear witness to this,

To bring you, me and the cat named Moses to this truly fascinating conclusion, that...

Ultimately, there
Can be no real disbelief,
For even disbelief
Is a creation and
Servant of God.

Have a perfect Saturday, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa

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