Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Mystery of God, True Love and The Rose of Infinite Petals

WHY IS GOD A MYSTERY? Let’s face it. If God wanted us all to fully comprehend him, He could make it happen now, but He doesn’t. Why not? I have been talking about this phenomenon with a friend and came to three simple (but not exhaustive) conclusions –

1. The Nature of God - We can see for ourselves in the natural world and within us that God, if He is anything like what He has created, must essentially be of Infinite Beauty, Love and Knowledge. If all Creation appears to you an unfathomable treasury of exquisite beauty and power – then God, surely, must be the Unimaginable Beauty and Power that holds all of Creation between two moments of His All-Enchanting Recreation. Or simply put, God has that 'Wow Wow Wow!' factor.

2. The Nature of our Ego – In spite of God, our ego finds it hard, nay almost impossible to accept that there is anyone better than us. Our ego claims infinite existence, and it is our ego that is the ultimate Mr. Know–all, when we all know that in truth, the real Mr. Know-All is God Himself. Thus, it is by His Utter Uniqueness as the All-Incomprehensible that our ego is ultimately humbled. For it needs to be humbled, otherwise we shall all be led by our egos, like sacrificial lambs to the Abattoir of Souls. The ego is not our friend, oh no. So thank God for His Infinite Variety that shames our ego into submission!

3. The Nature of our Curiosity – I think most people have some idea of what God is like. And I am sure I share a lot of your beliefs. So we do know something of God. Not much, but enough – and perhaps just enough to continuously pique our curiosity. Like a trail of divine breadcrumbs through the foreboding forest. Of course, such is the Love God has for you, that He has given you the maps of the trail (the Holy Scriptures) and even a guide (the Prophets and Saints) to help you through the forest of your life. Alas, we are ever curious, so despite all of God’s Best Intentions, we wander off the trail, perhaps chasing a butterfly (which often turns out to be a hornet!). So God intervenes, and leaves His trail of breadcrumbs – hints and clues of just how All-Wonderful He really is… to help us back to the forest trail, back to True Path. God is continuously keeping the mystery and passion of our relationship with Him alive… If there is no more mystery, there shall be no more breadcrumbs and forever we will languish in the dark forest, lost and alone, bereft of the True Beauty that is God.

TRUE LOVE*. So here we are, sunshine. At this crossroad of our souls. And let’s face it, If you have ever been in love, if you have ever felt hurt by love, if you have ever swallowed your pride in the name of love, then perhaps we may realize that…


True Love is…
Even if at times you don't understand Me,
You still love Me.

I am feeling rather pleased today, sunshine. So I wish to give a bouquet of words to you. I hope God too is reading this blog today... *Ahem* The prose sounds a little like this…

To understand Me is to realize
That True Beauty reveals itself
By each opening of a petal,
So no understanding, however
High and elevated will
Completely encompass Me.
For I am Truly Unique -
The Rose of Infinite Petals

Thanks, sunshine, for sharing this day with me. God bless you.

Pax Taufiqa.

Footnotes: The poems are new. * Btw, I think that one of the biggest sign of true love is letting her finish your dish even though you loved it and despite your exhortations, she refused to actually order the dish to begin with. I am not complaining, I am just sharing.

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