Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mika Early Days in School - Will I Get Paid?

DAY 1 AND 2. Mikhail’s first day of primary school was last Monday. He appeared so nonchalant about it all… By the end of day 2, he was walking out of his class with his shirt tucked out, looking the artful dodger. No doubt, the class teacher has already tagged him 'Trouble-maker'. Oh no...
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I resolved to stop stalking outside his classroom after the second day. So during the first English class, I sneaked away. But Mika wasn’t really bothered. In fact, I suspect he thinks it is so not cool to have your parents hovering outside the classroom gawking at you. He has always been this way, even in kindergarten. But when you think about it, who can blame him?.

It is hard to persuade the proud parents to leave and give their kids (and teachers!) some space. It didn’t help that the in the alley next to the primary 1 classes were tables and benches. These are actually meant for the children to use during school recess, but (like the rest of the parents) I found it to be a perfect place to sit and spy on my son in the classroom. It is really hard to let go sometimes... .

DAY 3. Early Wednesday morning, Mika had just about enough of my mother hen impersonation and said, “Papa, you don’t have to send me to my classroom, okay? You can just drop me off at the gate. And later after school, I will wait for you at the same gate. Okay, Papa?” Okaay.

WILL I GET PAID? I picked him up (a little late) in the afternoon. On the way home he recounted his experience…

I asked him, “How was school today?

“Papa, today is even better than yesterday”. That is good, I thought.

Then he continued, “Do you know that during recess, they have one guard at each classroom?” Eh? I thought. “Yes, its true, but these guards are not adult, they are children.

“No, Mika, those are not guards, they are school prefects.” I chuckled and asking, “Do you want to be a prefect?”

Mika looked thoughtful for awhile, he then sought my clarification about what is most dear to his heart, “Will I get paid?”

12. Children
O’ Lord,
What honour
Have Thou bestowed
Greater than our children?

Precious beyond the ken of men,
Beautiful, paradise-sprung,
For our hearts to render ill
In thoughtful appraise
Of Thy Magnificent Handiwork.

O’ Boundless King,
In Thy Hands
We entrust
Our children’s happiness,

Fresh roses in the Garden of Your Beloved!
Glistening with dew of angels’ tears,

Bright is their mantle,
Sparkling with the Light of Your Most Praised!

THE WORD IS PRECOCIOUS… O’ my friends, such are our children to us. And such were we to our parents not a long time ago. We all share the same stories, we just have different book covers, don’t you think?

Have a wonderful day, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

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