Monday, January 3, 2011

Saturday Cheer and Sunday Slaughter ( The Lunatics Strike Again)

SATURDAY CHEER. On Saturday the sinner was in good cheer and love for all mankind. Belatedly, he replied a New Year’s greeting from a friend, Major (r) Chan with the following missive…
“Happy new year, major chan! U n I, we r soldiers of love, truth is our defence n mercy is our shield. We seek shelter in d Lord n His Blessings in our charity n hard work! May Christ rain showers of grace unto u n yr family. Amen wasalam.”

Immediately upon receipt of the message, the man called me, giving thanks for my greetings and saying how liberal and progressive I appear to be. The good Major said that this was the first time he had a message mentioning the Lord’s name from a Muslim. I replied, “Major, this is what my religion teaches me.”

SUNDAY SLAUGHTER. Then early Sunday morning as I was reading the newspaper I came across this news. Oh, boy, did it spoil my breakfast…


What do I say now to Major Chan? I am sickened by the news as if it happened to churchgoers in my own neighbourhood. It is sick, sick, sick. The men who planned this terrible violence, the men who actually perpetrated the crime are all sick - diseased in the head and empty in the heart.

NO GREY AREA. As an abject sinner, I often talk about the grey area that most men find themselves in. That huge plain of doubt where right and wrong, black and white mixes. Well, what happened in Egypt, this church bombing, falls so far in the wrong, that it cannot be accommodated by any sane human being. Whether it is in Rwanda, Palestine, London, Madrid, Chechnya or Kosovo, any act of violence against innocent civilians are absolutely unacceptable. They say they are ‘fighting’ for their race and religion. They say they are ‘fighting’ for their sovereign right as a nation. They are not fighting. They are murdering, on a scale that would draw smiles of approval from Hitler and Stalin. These men, whether they profess to be Jewish, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs or Muslims, are all sick, sick, sick men. They are bandits with guns and bombs. They fall outside the forum of civilized discourse, and each atrocity that they commit, so called in the name of their God, Country or Race… is an affront and an insult on that which they claim to hold dear…

Who is this God?
This God you seek is not the God that I seek,
I seek the Merciful One at His Mercy Door,
Those tears you weep are not the tears I weep,
May you never find this god
That you are foolishly looking for.

FUCK IT. Some people may say, “Oh, no, Taufiq, you don’t know what is going on in Egypt with the Coptic Christians.” My answer is concise and easily comprehensible – “Fuck it. That is all appeasement bullshit.

LIBERAL AND PROGRESSIVE? NO, JUST MUSLIMS. We are the ones picking up the pieces of our faith, while these mad mullahs and ill-advised young men carry on with their insane crusade against the ‘infidels’, allegedly in the name of God and the Prophet. We are the ones having to explain to the Major Chans of this world that Islam is about peace, tolerance and love. We are the ones having to explain that we are liberal and progressive because we are Muslims, not in spite of us being Muslims.

NOT JIHAD. The line is drawn in the sand. I am a sinner, but at least I know not to drag God into some egoistic malevolence that these men call ‘Jihad’. This is not Jihad. This is cruelty. And as I once said before, if the Caliphate was still around, these terrorist groups would be hunted down, tried and sentenced as the heartless bandits that they truly are.

LOGIC AND A HAPPY MUSLIM. I am writing as a happy and proud follower of the Prophet. I am not a good follower but I at least am not a prone to blow myself or anyone else to Kingdome Come. – such atrocities are acts of desperation founded upon despair, and no true believer despairs of anything. How can we, when we presume to have God and the Prophet on our side? This is simple logic, but mad people blinded by anger and anguish will never understand.

Thank you for reading this rant. I am just upset, you know… Forgive me, sunshine.

A FEW GOOD MEN. I am joining the Masters asking God to send unto mankind a few good men. Men who will save us from the misguided pronouncements of our religious hubris. Men of Mercy, Valour and Chivalry.

I am no one, a nobody, not even a ‘great’ sinner. But you, my friends… you are my hope for the world. You are with me, right?

Pax Taufiqa.

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Anonymous said...

Right, we are with you. Thank you for being the voice for the majority of us. A few good men ... we'll await their arrival, any day now. God bless you.

Milky Tea said...

Dear Anon,

And God bless you! Such kind words are always appreciated and never forgotten. Mercy and Love for all, raised are the flags and banners of God in the hearts of man. It will be quite a show...