Friday, January 18, 2013

FAITH HAS NO WEIGHT, LOVE HAS NO MASS - tea and the divine parables and metaphors

Faith Has No Weight, Love Has No Mass
Heavy books with heavy phrases,
Heavy looks on heavy faces,
Heavy thoughts in heavy hearts,
O’ scholars, what are you teaching yourselves!?

Heavy tents and heavy politics,
Heavy plans and heavy tricks,
Heavy words and heavy hubris,
O’ scholars, what are you teaching yourselves!?

Heavy pride and heavy fences,
Heavy fears and heavy defenses,
Heavy deeds and heavy offences,
O’ scholars! What are you teaching yourselves!?

In truth, faith has no weight
And love has no mass,
And the only thing heavy
Is a heart of both bereft.

A good heart gives the fortunate owner a nimbleness in his thinking, his work, his play and his loving. A good heart does not see the world in the material and spiritual sense, knowing as he does, that there is in truth only one reality. Only that such reality can be read and understood in two aspects, like two sides of the same coin.

Tea and the Divine Parables and Metaphors. In the holy Quran, we are informed that God talks to us in parables and metaphors. And so He does, while we work out what He is saying to us through our physical and spiritual interpretation of the world. So, when you drink tea, it is not merely a temporal  action, but also a spiritual action. It's the same whether you are asleep or awake, working, playing or praying. 

And good heart is important for this sorta thing.

So I hope to one day gain a good heart. It is not a complicated concept. Just do more good than bad. But for myself, this has been the most challenging ambition of all. But I still have hope, and I pray. To gain that nimbleness of footing upon the mountain.

'Tis Friday. Have a lovely weekend, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam 

Love will show the Way 

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