Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tears and Fears - this time, I will be ready

Tears & Fears
My life is filled with tears
But I am not sad,   
I have no right
To be.

My life is filled with fears
But I am not done in, 
I have no right  
To be. 

For I know my Lord
Has allotted a certain 
Number of tears 
For me to shed, 
Not one teardrop more, 
Not one teardrop less,

And my Lord has allotted
A certain number of fears
For me to overcome,
Not one ghost more,
Not one ghoul less, 

Such thoughts comfort me
As I sleep in my bed.

And as I wake up each morning
With the Sun rising above the sea,
The same tearful and fearful thoughts
Drift away to the West,
Though I know that
With the setting Sun,
The same cloud of tears
And fears will be there
Waiting for me.

But this time,
I will be ready.

There are many things we cry over, and there are many things that sends a chill into our heart. Death and illnesses, poverty and bankruptcies - these are the stuffs that will turn our day grey, as we sigh "Oh dear me..."

In our conversation last night, Heche said that "Well, you gotta learn how to swing the bat every time God throws you a curve ball."

"Well, I don't want to play baseball with God. He plays mean!" I protested.

But of course, we have no choice in the matter. We have all the choices in the world, but not this one. And of course, God doesn't play mean. He lets me off so many times that I cannot even count.

In fact God has rigged the game for us to win. But to win, we must win over something - Which is to conquer our tears and our fears, and be that person God knows we can be, if only we would persevere.

So persevere, sunshine. Have hope always.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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