Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Remember, you are only a man - The Triumphalism of Man vs The Triumphalism of the Conscience

The Roman Triumph 
When a Roman general achieves 
Great success in the field of battle
He is awarded a Triumph,
A public parade of his soldiers and himself
Through the streets of Rome,
With their prisoners, slaves and booties of war.

A slave boy would stand behind him on the chariot
Holding aloft above his head the laurel wreath,
And whispering into his ears these words of caution,
"Remember, you are only a man..."

See. Even those ancient Romans understood well the dangers of over-weening pride and hubris. It would have paid Mankind well if we remember and follow the advice of the slave. Because when we take stock of the recent century of human 'progress' there has been many times when a little humility and humanity would have gone a long way in avoiding the pitfalls and cons of our less than perfect achievements. After all...

Triumphalism of Man
The Triumphalism of Architecture
Herald in the era of concrete monstrosity,
The Triumphalism of Brotherly Fraternity
Herald in the era of tyranny by the many,
The Triumphalism of Medicine
Herald in the era of over-drugged citizenry,
The Triumphalism of Psychology
Herald in the era of newer types of insanity,
The Triumphalism of Physics
Herald in the era of the Atom Bomb,
The Triumphalism of Modern Technology
Herald in the era of remote murders and killings,
The Triumphalism of Agro and Bio sciences
Herald in the era of global pharma-food companies,
The Triumphalism of Capitalism
Herald in the era of ostentatious consumerism,
The Triumphalism of Political Clerics
Herald in the era of the 'Islamic' republics,
The Triumphalism of Finance and the Economics
Herald in the era of thieves, blackmailers and sociopaths
Dressed in well-tailored suits and good intentions.
And lastly, the Triumphalism of the Information Age
Herald in the era of ignorance, anarchy and hate, 

I am not against progress, but like all things in this world, anything can be exaggerated and abused, until its end product becomes a corruption of the original intent.

We all have a slave, just like the mighty Roman commanders, standing behind us, ever whispering into our soul... 'Remember, you are only a man...' It is called our conscience. 

And it is the best among us, who turns around to the slave, and says... 'No, you stand in front. Where you lead, I shall follow.'

Don't you agree, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Anonymous said...

So true!!

Milky Tea said...

You think so, Anony? thank you for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

I definitely do! I love your blog and your inspiring way of writing!

Simply perfect!