Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Heat of Politics - there is no good without good manners...

No Good Without Good Manners
There is no good
Without good manners...

There is no success if you
Attain it without good manners,
Nor is there failure if you
Fail despite your good manners,

Good manners is the precondition
And the condition precedent of success,
Thus if you win or fall in this life,
Keep your adab to God and His Prophet,
To your family, to your friends, to all of humanity,
To all creation of God,

For above all
Only God knows best,
Most Merciful, Most Compassionate is He,
Who saw fit to teach us good manners
To refrain from the egoistic habit
Of allocating blame,
And naming names.

The political temperature in Malaysia is becoming feverish, in so far as we Malaysians want to get hot and bothered when the real temperature has become already warm these past few days. More heat? Forget it. 

And of  course, with the coming not-to-be-delayed-much-longer General Election, political parties on both sides of the parliamentary aisle have been throwing accusations and criticisms at each other. More heat? Forget it.

So enough of the allocation of blame. Enough with the naming of names, the revelation of secret documents, the scandals, the leaks, the paranoid hypotheses and the righteous indignation. More heat? Forget it.

I am a little tired today of this world's noises. I am going to look for a good book, a book about Adab (good manners). Anyways, the day is much too warm already for anything else. More heat? Forget it!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way   

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