Sunday, March 10, 2013

DIVINE BEVERAGE - drinking the tea of certainty (or can't a man have his tea in peace?)

I ordered tea for breakfast this morning at my neighbourhood coffee-house. The proprietor (Iqbal) soon returned with a nice hot mug of the beverage. But before I could lay my hand on it, an ancient friend (let's call him George) came to sit with me. Then he looked wonderingly at my tea. "This is no ordinary tea, o'Taufiq...!" Ejaculated my unbidden guest. "...This milk tea is infused with the essence of garlic, And will you look at it! Its perfect colour of light brown, its smooth yet full bodied flavour! Oh, can't you see o' man, how you take for granted God's daily grace to you and how in each divinely blended moment (or tea) he showers you with His earthly favours!? Oh look! Look! Angels are dancing on its bubbly froth!"

Oh brother. My friend must be going mad. But before I can reveal my diagnosis of his psychological condition, he got up and left just as quickly as he appeared.

But this unworldly moments continued later when I wanted to pay. I called Iqbal for the tab, to which he gave me a brilliant smile, then seemingly plucking a sum out of thin air, he replied, "Only one Ringgit forty cents!" But as I had an inconvenient change of coins  he took only one Ringgit thirty cents and gently pried open my hand and replaced the rest of the coins into my palm. And as he was doing this he was softly singing to himself... there is no god but God... and Muhammad is the Messenger of God... there is no god but God... and Muhammad is the Messenger of God...

Oh brother. Iqbal must be going mad too. What IS in the air this Sunday morning?

He he he.

Have a sweet Sunday, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in islam
Love will show the Way


Finn Felton said...

LOL... That was too funny. Generally, I can't take it when anybody starts saying something like that about what I'm eating/drinking at that moment. I feel a bit awkward. Anyways, you shared a nice experience of yours. I enjoyed reading it.

Finn Felton
Kopi Luwak

Milky Tea said...

I have accepted my fate to be constantly harassed in my life by strange and bizarre characters. He he he. Never a dull moment! Thanks for dropping in, Finn.