Thursday, April 25, 2013

THE DAUGHTERS OF EVE - Allah through their light, beauty and love...

The Daughters of Eve
First I knew the Daughters of Eve
As the ones of great love, mercy and benevolence, 
Tireless in love, unconquerable in adversity.

Later I knew the Daughters of Eve
As great youthful beauties,
Unapproachable and only to be
Admired from a distance.

Older, I came to know the Daughters of Eve
As wholly human just like me,
But unlike in so many ways,
Captivating in their loveliness,
Their voices and curves.

As I grew foolish, I came to see the Daughters of Eve
As a vessel of both beauty and vanity,
Foolish and wise, safe and dangerous,
And I blamed the Daughters for making
Too much noise, distracting me from
My pursuit of God.

In this foolishness, long did I prevail...

Until a saint took pity and threw an apple at my head,
And I realised, "Oh dear... all the noise created
Was in my head, and I am to be blamed after all!"
So I sat quietly, sullen and a little ashamed.

Finally, one day an anonymous soul wrote
On the walls of my thoughts...
"For the one who knows, there is no noise, no distraction
For in the pursuit of Allah, even the distractions are all Allah..."

So now... when I see the Daughters of Eve,
In all their manifestations of grace and mortality,
In all their divine beauty and inflections, 
I say to myself, "Allah... Allah... Allah..."

God has anointed for the Sons of Adam a partner of amazing conditions and abilities - Our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, aunties, cousins and nieces, our wives, friends and lovers. 

Woman. Lo, that we do not presume to know her completely. For the secret of her creation is unknown, when Adam (a.s.) was sent into a sleep which only God knows is long or short. Lo, that we do not presume to encompass  the knowledge of Mary Mother of Jesus, of Aminah the Mother of the Prophet Muhammad, of Khadijah, of Aishah, of any of the wives of the Prophet. Nor should we presume to understand the maqam (spiritual station) of Fatima az-Zahra, the blessed Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad... not when her marriage dowry to Saydeena Ali was salvation for the entire Nation of Muhammad(s.a.w.s).

We men do not try to presume knowledge of thee, o' Daughter of Eve. We seek only to show thee the beautiful adab (good manners) deserving of thee. So if we err (which is our wont), forgive us and do not mark us too harshly with thy judgment. Show us the mercy that is within you, just as God Almighty has dressed you with great beauty and attraction flowing from thy mother Eve.

And what of Eve (a.s.) herself? She was the fount and vessel of
all beauty that will after her be born of women. So although artists will
depict her beauty as is the taste of beauty prevalent in their time, the truth is
simply that the depiction of the Beauty of Eve is unapproachable by the human hand,
not unless that hand can depict all womanly beauty manifested through all the ages.
May Allah bless Eve always. Had she not been created, we would not be here today.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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