Monday, July 8, 2013

GOD ASKS TO BE ASKED, SO ASK! - life-vocation, work and the Lord of Surprises, the All-Hearing (al-Sami), the Compeller (al-Jabbar)

Say... in the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, then ask.

Give Me Forever
If the words of my language are not enough
To extol Your Beauty, Mercy and Magnificence,
Teach me another language that I might try!
If the charity of my deeds lie so low 
Compared to the charity of others,
Give me the means to do charity
Until I forget what my hands have given away
In Your Name!

If my work is transient until 
My real purpose is revealed,
Please do not delay disclosure
And share Your purpose for me!

If I am meant to be Your mathematician,
Oh Lord, teach me mathematics,
If I am meant to be a teacher,
Teach me patience and give me knowledge,
If I am meant to be a student,
Send me the righteous Imam,
If I am meant to build bridges,
Teach me physics and engineering,
If I am meant to praise You forever,
Give me words worthy for Your praise,
And give me forever!

Oh Lord, Oh Allah the Beautiful,
The Fountain of Unimaginable Source
Of Love, Compassion and Mercy!
Your generosity is bigger than the night sky
And bigger than my contemplation of what
Is bigger than the night sky!

You asked to be asked,
You asked to be sought,
You asked to be loved and praised,

So here am I,
Your weak, weak servant...

Asking You,

Seeking You,

Loving You,

Praising You...

Work and the Lord of Surprises. We are what we are now because it is fated. You are perhaps an engineer. Or a lawyer. Or a government servant. Or a banker. Or a stay-at-home philosopher. Or a trader. Or a soldier guarding the kitchen store against all comers. But whatever you may be right now, your job might not last forever. And perhaps it is a temporary-while-you-get-yourself-sorted-out career. Your true work, your divinely favoured purpose, specific for your natural talents and inclinations may be something totally different. God does these things for us... and I think it is good to always consider what He has planned for you in the future. As I said, it may be something totally surprising. 

For I have always contemplated God as the Lord of Surprises. And the surprises are always good ones, insyaAllah.

Beneath this Monday morning's overcast sky, strange incoherent thoughts assail me. It is not because of some spiritual-mystical reason. I am simply tired and sleepy. He he he. We humans are still caged in our mortal bodies, and susceptible to the weather, tiredness and lethargy, however lofty our sufi pretensions. Don't you agree?

Al-Sami, Al-Jabbar. I was contemplating the evening sky last night, in the hour of Maghrib (sunset prayers), and I said to God (after all, he always listens... being al-Sami - the all-Hearing), "You distract me to distraction, my Beloved God... with Your endless repertoire of Loveliness and Beauty that You manifest in the natural world. Every day, I feel compelled by Your work of utter Beauty (after all, he is the Compeller - al-Jabbar) and every day I find myself challenged to put into words what cannot be put into words - the Beauty of Creation that is all Your Own..."

I have such conversations with our One God. For He always listens. Like I said. 

May this Monday bring Beauty into your life. After all, Beauty closest to Allah (s.w.t.) came on a Monday many years ago when the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) was born.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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