Friday, July 12, 2013

THE COMPLAINING ONE - The Ramadan Story, Part 3

There too, Allah Verily Goes
Give Him a moment in your day,
And Allah will give you an eternity,
Give Him a smile in your day,
And Allah will give you something worth smiling for,
Give Him an entry in your day,
And Allah will give you a thousand doors,
Give Him a word in your day,
And Allah will give you a chamber of echoes,
For wherever His servant goes,
There too, step by step, word by word,
With every sigh of contentment,
Allah verily goes.

For is He not 
Very best of company,
The very best of hosts?

It is coming into the third morning of Ramadan, and I would like to make a confession here.

I wish I was one of those who can submit to illness with a smile in his heart and faith in his bosom, whatever may happen. Instead, if I feel hurt, I will grimace and maybe even emit a pitiful groan. If I am in pain, I do not hide my pain. Instead I shamelessly parade my pain in front of my Lord... "Oh God, I am hurting here... real baaad!" I bitch, gripe, moan, complain and register my list of dissatisfaction with the Almighty, wherever and whenever it happens.

Physical pain has a way of making us forget temporarily, our blessings. And through the noise and litany of grievances, I guess there must be some good here. Even in this illness(es) that is affecting my Ramadan.

My only prayer to the Almighty (and I know that He is aware of this) is this...

4. Too good a disguise
Lord! Oh Lordly, Lordly Lord!
You say that in all hardship and trials
There lies a silver lining.
A blessing in disguise.

But please.

Don’t make the disguise so good
That I cannot finally see through it. 

Patience is often a molehill. A hillock or sometimes
a mighty mountain to climb.

Have a lovely healthy day, sunshine. Have a good one for me.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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