Saturday, July 13, 2013

SAYYIDINA MIFTAH (saws) in the SHAHR AL-MIFTAH - The Ramadan Story, Part 4

The Further Prophet
Oh Prophet of God,
Oh Muhammad, the Flag of Guidance,
Oh Muhammad, the Key to the Garden,

Verily, the further in history you are,
The more there is to know of you,
Like a glittering star,
The more distant you appear to be,
The more fascinating your story,
The more immense your personality,
The more complete your mercy.

The Greatest Master
And the Greatest Servant,
The One who is named after the Only One,
The Reason for Creation,
God's Mercy to all the Worlds!

End of Time. The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) departed this world in the year 632 A.D. But unlike any other person before him and since, his story has not ended with his demise. Indeed, his story continues to flourish with greater vigour and spirit, despite the best efforts of those who would cut short his prophethood. 

120. The Wounded Shepherd (With our own mason)
I hurt, I bleed.
But not a drop
Of my blood must fall
On the soil of Ta’if.

Am I not the prophet for the end of time?
And the end of time is not here yet, O’ Gibrail.

A Dynamic Life. And flowing from this understanding of the Messenger's (s.a.w.s.) unique station that transcends time and space, comes the supporting life tales of the holy host of Messengers, Prophets and Saints before him and of Saints after him, that are sent by our One Loving God to guide all of humanity towards adab (good manners) and ilm (knowledge), and to forsake our hubris, hate, bigotry, pride and selfishness. This dynamic nature of spiritual lore that both transcends and governs physical knowledge is the particular hallmark of Islam, which is manifested by the Criterion, the Book of the Universe called the Holy Quran, and the traditions of the Chosen One, Muhammad Habibullah, known as the Sunnah.

The Guide and the Key. But I cannot say anything anymore on this. For beyond this is the path of experience and love. And for this, you need to find your guide. So for heaven's sake, don't forget to ask God for your guide, who will lead you, on a direct course for the Key. The Key to Creation, the Key to Mercy and Compassion, the Key to knowing best the person that you call "me" or "I", that being none other than Muhammad Sayyidina Miftah, Most Beloved of God (s.a.w.s.).

And since this month of Ramadan is also known as Shahr al-Miftah (the Month of the Key), I think this is most apt. Don't you agree, sunshine?

Wake Up!
Do not despair in this world and its nightmares!
Wake up to Him! Wake up to Love! Wake up to Truth!
Wake up to Beauty, Mercy and the real you!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way  


Yafiah said...

Beautiful! Your words nourish me every day.

Salawat Allah alayka Ya Habib Allah! Ya Muhammad!

Milky Tea said...

May this Month bring you more beautiful things and more beautiful salawats for the Beloved...