Monday, July 15, 2013

JUST TRY... AND LEAVE THE REST TO ME! - The Ramadan Story, Part 6

Mikhail, bless his heart, tries. And holds 100% clean record
for fasting so far this month. But either way, he is already my success.

Only If They Ask
If they ask if you are mad, tell them that you are in love,
If they ask if you are a bandit, tell them that your law is love,
If they ask if you are lost, tell them that your destiny is love,
If they ask of your journey, tell them that your path is love,
If they ask more, tell them that you are like a knot being undone,
Like a book being returned to the library,
Like a river flowing to the sea,
Like a number collapsing into the One,
Whatever that number might be... two, three or infinity!

Nikmat Puasa. It was a quiet breaking of the fast yesterday. And in the moment after the end of the muezzin's call of the evening prayers, a moment loaded with meaning could be sensed. And that meaning was the overwhelming peace and happiness of water from the river of paradise running over a parched soul. Is that a good description, sunshine? Aah. Maybe this is what the Muslims mean when they say nikmat puasa (the pleasure of fasting). And it was not the food or drink that they partake to end the fast, but instead their perception of completeness of Allah's (s.w.t.) blessing to humanity - a third eye being opened somewhere in the deep recesses of our consciousness to realise the goodness of God that our ancestors already knew long, long ago. Alhamdulillah.

A particularly excellent entourage
of those who try.
Just Try. I cry a lot nowadays. And if you count the number of times tears well up in my eyes, it is even more. Happily, most of the tears are tears of joy from some personal realization. You know, things like... I am lucky to be alive. I am fortunate to have God in my life. I am blessed to be a believer. And at the end of the day, whatever the test may be, Allah (s.w.t.) is only asking that I try. "Just try, kiddo, and leave the rest to Me... " I reckon God would say.

Earned Love. Those not familiar with the mystical path of Islam like to insinuate that Love is easy-peasy lemon-squeezy. They imagine Sufis to be bearded beatniks or hippies. But the truth is Love is not the easiest path. It is after all the foundation and building blocks of faith. So God has made Love to be sturdy, resilient and ever-lasting. And God has also made Love to be something that is earned.

May we all earn a place in His Love through the intercessions of His Own Beloved, Muhammad Habibullah (s.a.w.s.). And though ultimately, we can never truly earn either... we must try. Like I said, God is simply telling us, "Just try... and leave the rest to Me..."

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way  

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