Sunday, July 14, 2013

PLEASE MAMA, JUST LET ME LOOK AT YOU - The Ramadan Story, Part 5

Keeping Company
May I please sit here with you?
May I please talk to you?
May I please have your unfailing attention?
May I please have your love,
Your mercy and compassion?

May I please have your ear,
And share with you all my joy and pain?
May I please have your time,
In this brief pause between the rain?
In this quiet solitude of the night,
So dark and still without the moonlight, 
While everyone else is asleep,
May I have your company to keep?

Perhaps I don't make friends easy,
Perhaps I am not very companionable, 
So, God please...
While others have given up on me
Please say that you will stay.

The Mirror of Truth. I hope nobody is taking the poem above negatively. Sometimes, I reckon that we have given up on ourselves. "Ugh!" We would cringe when we contemplate ourselves in front of the mirror. Know that you are looking at a lie when you think yourself ugly or a failure. If you could see yourself with the Gaze of Love upon the Mirror of Truth, verily you would prostrate before the reflection. And what exactly is the reflection that you would see then? I am not sure. But if it would impel me to prostrate, it must be quite a sight... masyaAllah.

Remembering Mother. My mum, may God bless her soul, was very companionable. Day and night our house used to be filled with visitors. I miss those hectic busy days now, and would give anything to see her once again. I don't care anymore about her cooking or anything like that at all. What I would tell her right now if I could is, "Please, just sit there and let me look at you..."

A Beautiful Birth. Ten thousand years ago, you and I were not born yet. But all that has happened then, and all that has occurred even further back than that, has led to your birth. Perhaps like me, you have made many mistakes and misused your time here in this world. But nothing that you have done since can unmake you and your beautiful birth. InsyaAllah (God willing), tomorrow is another day to prove this. Surely God the Loving One would not have gone to all this trouble to make Creation and you to humiliate, embarrass or oppress you? How can He when He has forbidden any acts of oppression or unfairness upon His Godly Self? In a Hadith (verbal tradition of the Prophet s.a.w.s.), God assured and commanded us, "O' My servants, I have forbidden oppression for Myself and have made it forbidden amongst you, so do not oppress one another."  

Forgetting to ask God something. I am troubled by an ear infection, which often causes stabs of pain around my ear and my temple. I am sad that this comes with the arrival of Ramadan, but an ancient friend dropped by last evening and said, "You should take this opportunity to plead for all sorts of things from God now instead of simply complaining. Don't you know that God is most attentive to those with illness and in pain?!" I followed his advice and every time I feel that someone is drilling into my head, I would ask something from God. The only problem is I keep forgetting to ask Him to cure me and stop the pain. He he he. 

But then again, if you have such an intimate moment with our Loving Creator, would you ask Him to stop? 

Something to reflect on, sunshine. Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Sometimes Love, like life, can appear to be a little hard,
But there is no need for all that drama, you know...
Just say BismillahiRahmaniRahim and enter.
(In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way 

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