Monday, July 1, 2013

THE VIRTUE OF SILENCE - adab, scandals and gossips, discretion and the veil over your sins...

A Drop of Adab
Give me a drop of Adab
Than an ocean of knowledge.
Give me a single pause of Adab
Than the most persuasive speech of the orator.

The ancient ones value Adab (courtly courtesy and manners) above all else, even knowledge. For Adab is the inner and outer expression of our understanding or lack of understanding. 

Adab tells us when to keep silent and be discreet, and Adab also teaches us when to speak up and also be discreet. Adab is the highest form of human action through which we conduct our affairs with discretion. 

Scandal! Do you like knowledge? For knowledge is a two-edged sword whose edges are very sharp indeed! How do you like being told of a dark secret of someone else? Such knowledge (let's be honest here) is titillating, true. But after the brief moment of dark pleasure at someone's unfortunate contratemp or mistake (for it is a misfortune), we are suddenly weighed with the burden of knowing. And our ego is whispering ever so urgently to us, "Go on... tell it to him. Share this with someone... !"

Like a steak, a scandal is often juicy. But it is bad for you.
And even worse if you share it with someone.

Some people may reason, "But fate has disclosed his/her indiscretions to me! So the general prohibition against talking bad about someone must surely now not apply in this scandalous case! Anyways, it is the truth about him/her!" Hmm, persuasive but...

O' foolish traveler! 
O' wayward listener to gossips and scandals!
Draw the veil that someone has saw fit to lift
Over the indiscretions of someone else,
That perhaps Allah may keep the veil
Over your own errors!

When you think about all the preachers and evangelical politicians in this world, when you think about all the news, postings, comments, blogs, websites and portals covering Islam, it is ironic that in most instances, what Adab in Islam demands is silent contemplation. 

He he he. So it appears that I have written myself into a corner. So I better stay here for awhile and speak no more.

Have a lovely Monday, sunshine. May Allah (s.w.t.) and His Beloved Nabi Muhammad Sayyidina Alamul Huda (s.a.w.s.), guide you towards the perfection of your Adab. There is no purpose more beautiful than this single purpose!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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