Sunday, September 26, 2010

Me, you, who? Acts of High Treason against the Conscience

Who God is,
Depends on
How you perceive Him.

How you perceive Him
Depends on
Who you are.

But whoever
You may be,
There is only
One God.

So does this mean
That whoever
You may be,
You are me
And I… am you?

The Oneness of God is a condition of unity in the plurality of mankind. This is no high theological statement, but a grease that serves to smooth the tensions and irritations which we face in our daily interactions, as each of us pursue our individual ambition, hope and desires.

So long as I consider the other person as ‘the other’,
So long as I perceive the existence of me and you,
So long as I place my desires above any other,
Please pinch me with great vigour,
Because I, Taufiq, have not yet
Heartfully accept that there
Is only the One God.

Nor do I truly understand
The Message or the

For I have not enthroned
The Conscience as
The Pilot of my
So, forgive me. I have been selfish in my interactions with you. For truly, I know that the hurt I cause, the unfairness that I have dealt to you, the empathy that I lacked, and the anger I exhibited are all acts of High Treason against the Conscience, Muhammad Habibullah.

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