Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You are just being polite. Don't worry.

This is in reply to Shal's (aka Sheikh Feisal) comment on yesterday's posting entitled 'RUN from this world'. I actually drew this way back in 2007. I knew that if I waited long enough, there would be a use for this cartoon. Hehehe. I am indebted to you, Shal.

Salam Ramadan, my friends. Just 3 days to go.


shashal said...

'Prolixity!’ A good word describing a weakness I have had in my writing. After you have pointed this out, I can now be more careful not too write too much. Thank you Taufik, it is I who is indebted to you forever for correcting my weaknesses. You are a good friend indeed.

Now, the Sufis… they learned from their Lord Almighty when He described the character of His Most Beloved Messenger during the ‘Mi’raj’. He said...“The (Prophet's) sight did not swerve, nor did it transgress.”

The main character of Sufism is seclusions- an exercise that completely separates one from dunya, from ALL forms of distractions & to be in Allah’s Absolute Presence for certain periods of time, training to be in a state of ‘presence’ similar to the state of solat at all times.

The Sufis say ‘La-ila-ha-ila-Allah!’ ceaselessly throughout their lives even in their last breath. In layman’s terms this simply means ‘there is no other but You O’ Allah!’

They recite an oath every time they wake up from sleep saying ‘O’ my Lord, You are my purpose; Your Pleasures is my goal.

The Lord created many wonderful things to make us please, for us to remember & be grateful to Him- not to be distracted from Him. But to bid Him to share your heart(also His Throne)with distractions would be very, very impolite my friend, not the other way round. Recently you wrote… ‘For I am only in The midst of remembrance, In the clutches of a Jealous love that Won’t let me go, But a love yet to be Consummated in the Presence of my beloved’. You know well these things Taufik, your work were inspired, seems connected all these years… until the last one. What happened my friend?

Say…if you have not found someone worth loving, someone worth dying for- then you have not really lived. Obviously not everyone can become lovers of the Hidden… like me & that Sufi in your sketch, unfortunately for him Ms Dunya must be way hotter than my Veiled Princess! :)

Milky Tea said...

Hi Shal!

Ah, what did happen? I do not know, my friend. In the evening I played fireworks with my son. As break-fast, I joined my auntie and the rest of my family here at home, and I ate. Now in the background, I could hear the calling of prayers for Isya'. I am surrounded by kindly and good people. What has happened for me to deserve such kindness?

I have done nothing, I have written nothing, I come and go as I please. Or so I think. I commit many sins and I do little charity. I poke fun at Sufis and Saints and Angels. I am not reluctant to sit close to God and point out His many and funny Attributes. I am wary to judge for judging pains me. It has all been about me, me and me.

Whether the Veiled Princess or Ms. Dunya, I am merely floating on the surface of both. I have not sunk yet, my friend. But when I do, I hope to find you there to.

May peace find you however hard you try to hide from it! Ameeeen-aaa.



shashal said...

Aye! You may not have sunk yet…

But come my friend! Even if we sink in Dunya for His sake today... tomorrow with His Mercy & Grace we may rise together with His Most Beloved on the Day of Reckoning!

Come! Even if you have sinned much & do little charity...your sense of humor may yet be welcomed among the gatherings of the Saints for poking fun at Sufis’ & the Angels!

Come! & sit close to Him & point out all His Funny attributes always, but come ya Taufik, … you may just make Him Smile! Since God Himself has always kept you smiling surrounded by His endless blessings of kindly & good companions.

Judging belong to the Mighty Judge Alone, not for those who will be judged themselves. Therefore it’s a good thing that we remember that actually, its’ all about Him at the end of the day. Now I see what really happened here… it was never about the Veiled Princess, Ms Dunya, me or even you. It has always been about the Mighty Judge Who created the Canemaker & Longhair also, to be floating in between reality & illusion for them to find Him. Come Ya Taufik! Come to all wherever His Names could be found & uttered, perhaps it is there you will find me already wrapped in my shroud of Peace forever!

This is the last hour of Ramadhan this year; & this may also be my last prose like such here therefore I ask again for your forgiveness. Forgive me my friend, I will feel shy before the Unseen Lord, if I ever continue to indulge in further prolixity that is no longer for His sake & I dare not assume all that I do not know of Him & His Messenger.

Wishing you & family a lovely Eid Mubarak ya Taufik! :)

Milky Tea said...

I think that being shy is not in your biological make up, you terrible fellow! But don't worry, since God made you that way, who am I to question the Lord's strange designs?


As you say, sink or swim, its His Ocean.

It has been a wonderful Eid today, and the crowd has just left my house. Am gonna chill for awhile, but will then make my way to visit my MakSu in Ampang.

Thank you for your comments, Longhair, you are always welcomed. In fact, anyone are!

Salam, Eid Mubarak and God bless all sinners. Oh, and God bless them saints too.