Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am a Congress of Atoms

I am a congress of atoms,
Called upon to bear witness
Upon the Creator of atoms,

Once before, my atoms
Were formed to be very
Different things and persons,
Part of a tree perhaps,
Or a flaming fountain
Of a distant star,
Or a wavering wave
Of an ancient lake.

Then as now, my atoms
Continue to form and unform
In many trillion ways
As my Lord may
Infinitely dream,

And only my soul
Is real, living and
Possessing life
For a brief

I am my Lord’s dream
In this world of form,
As you are.

If we talk then,
Is it mere words
You hear through
The reverberations of
Molecules in the air?
If we kiss then,
Is it merely pressure
That you feel upon
Your nectar lips?

I look into your eyes then,
But is it merely light that
I see reflected in them?

I have seen eternity,
I have spoken without speaking,
And our lips interlocked
In an ocean of honey stolen
From the bees of paradise,
So do not ask me anymore, o’ love,
Whether I love honey or not.
For we are all lost in God
And His Thoughts.


Another prose recorded in October 2009, in the chapter entitled 'How Beautiful Love is'.

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