Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Your Name is ....

When sunlight grows dim,
And shadows creep closer,

As truth becomes weak,
And lies get bolder,

When the horde of my enemy,
Hiding in the valley,
Count their victories,
Against me.

A dispatch,
Returning from the front,
Brings terrible news,
To the mutinous crew,

“We have been doubly deceived!
He still lives.
And he is not who he says he is!”
A little explanation about the prose - It was recorded in August 2004 and is a regular mystic-centric hobnob about man, his struggle with his ego, and the final salvation which is secured by the man leading a sort of double existence - for we believe that our soul has been divided, to exist before the Divine Presence, and only a small ray of our light is inhabiting our body to struggle through life's many twists and turns. Foremost in our life struggle is the unending fight to tame our ego - ergo that bit about "the horde of my enemy...". But ultimately, in the finality of Time, God has to win, His Prophet has to win. That is the assurance sanctified by our soul continuing to be in the Divine Presence. For however often our ego may triumph over our conscience ("count their victories against me..."), it is nay but a small part of our soul - the name(s) of whom is kept secret by the Keepers of Names. So how can the Ego and the Enemy ever win if they do not even know who they are contesting against? - "he is not who he says he is..."
There are still Keepers wandering the earth, who have your names in their keeping. Safe and secure from your own vagaries and indiscretions. But perhaps you already know at least one of your original names... How fortunate are you! Happy Birthday!
But be careful too! Because however happy the ending, you and I, we are still stuck here, and we need to complete our respective journey well... My friend, If you go by the high road, I shall to follow you.

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