Monday, September 6, 2010

RUN from this world!

Ho, Taufiq! Run from this world,
And this world will
Run after you!,
Said my Master.

"I am, I am!",
I replied, huffing
And puffing my
Way away.

"But why do you
Keep glancing back?"
Queried my Master.

"I don't want to waste all
My effort, Master."
I answered.

"I just want to be

Sure that the world
Is indeed chasing after me."

This oft-quoted Sufi saying (in the first para above) always makes me wonder. If we are always running away from the world, how do we know that the world is indeed chasing us?


Balqies Arafia said...

Pak peq am gonna use this on my blog k has a perfect meaning to my current predicament

shashal said...

Say… perhaps I found myself married to Ms Dunya, the most attractive woman that to my neighbor’s envy, she became mine. She has everything a man could possibly imagine; lovely, desirable & abundantly rich. But when I eventually realized that all that she has ever given to me could not last, even the love she professed for me was treacherous despite the love & loyalty I have given her for so many years… I suddenly discovered that I was all alone, broken & lost… When out of nowhere, a radiant but Veiled Princess came along & took my hand. She consoled me & healed my broken heart, accompanied me in my loneliness. It was then she told me that even Ms Dunya is her servant & she will obey & fear only the Princess… she said it is not difficult for her to bring Ms Dunya back to me if I wish. But the Princess especially whispered to me that she has always secretly loved me; & she made a promise that she will one day remove the Veil & share all her Kingdoms with me if I truly love only her instead… & no other. And she said that she will wait for me if I choose to love her…

I have felt the warmth of her embrace; I knew her love for me was real therefore to be more careful now, I divorced my unfaithful but hot wife Ms. Dunya forever; & I promised the Princess that I would come to her even without all the promises of her Kingdoms since she has already loved me… I would crawl to her just to see the Veil removed so that I may look at her face, touch her lips… & that I will love her & only her.

But how will I be before the sweet Princess O’ Taufik, what manner of a lover will I become if all the while in my journeys towards her, I was still thinking about my ex-wife instead, the ever sultry & flirty Ms Dunya? Now I wonder why some of my neighbors are fortunate, that their deprivation from Ms Dunya’s attention seems to have caught the Princess’s sympathy instead...

Where did I go wrong O’ Taufik? Was it because the journey was too long… or was it because I was still unsure about the Veiled Princess?

Milky Tea said...

Dear Balqies - My niece may use anything here, anytime, anywhere and any-why. Hehehe. But thanks for the heads-up! And thanks for dropping by!

Dear Shal - Your prolixity requires a posting reply. I think i have a cartoon which answers your question. Sort of, anyways. Hehehe.

Salams to the world, and I hear the shy whisper of the world returning my salam. Hehehe.