Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nameless and Anonymous

Were I good,
Rest assured
I would not be writing.

I would be silent,
Nameless and anonymous
As a raindrop.

This is a prose entitled 'Take me not as a master' recorded circa 2007. It is an important note for me, for it clearly illustrates my predicament. It is easier to write, but much more harder to do. The 'nameless and anonymous' bit comes as nothing new in Muslim lore, and was said many times before by scripture worthies like Abu Bakar, the Prophet's shadow and Mary, blessed mother of Jesus.

I am not of such ilk. Rather, I look to others, my parents, my family and friends, and in them, I see the virtue of simply being good. Nice. Not desiring to change the world, but merely to better themselves. But perhaps, by changing ourselves, we change the world. And there lies another perfume scented from an ocean of sweetness that I cannot comprehend, but daily it laps on the shore of my heart... Ah, how nice it feels to be in love.

Thank you all, for allowing me to share a little in your perfume. It is intoxicating, and more beautiful than anonymity.

Salams, and Godbless.

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