Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Mum & Mika (Ramadan & Syawal)

Ramadhan left, leaving me
In the cradle of Syawal,
And though pleased with
My new nursemaid,
I will miss my old one
And look forward
To see her again,
Next year.


Earlier today, I accompanied my aunt to visit her sister's grave. Her late sister had a wonderful zest for life, and though she has passed on, to me she is as real, or perhaps even more real than me. She was known to be kind and generous, tolerant and merciful. My son, Mikhail who accompanied us, dutifully helped to wipe her tombstone. She also happens to be my mother.
On this Eidul Fitri of 2010, my thoughts wander afar. Drifting in the sweet memory of my mum. Then, I look at my son, and my heart is filled with hope for the future which will be his promise.

May God bless your past and future, your parents and your children. For you and I, we are but a link between two golden chain.

Salams and Eid Mubarak!

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