Friday, February 11, 2011

Hands United in Worship

Hand of God
I am in the cradle
Of my heart and thoughts,
Being swayed with gentleness
By the Hand of God, sung to,
With lullabies from
The Angels and the Wise.


Following nothing
I followed the religion
Of men, and that religion
Led me to other men.
I followed the religion
Of books, and that led
Me to other books.

Despairing, I turned away
From my learning,
And opt to follow nothing.

Now nothing stands
Between me and my want,
And in my hand I found love
That God, all along,
Had wished to grant. \

The Shepherd
Who was this kindly shepherd
Forced to leave his Mecca Home?
Mercy flowed from his hands and words
With patient fury of raindrops upon a stone.
..Two Sides, One Coin, One Hand
God bless us all
That whatever we may be,
Heads or tails,

It is the Hand of God
That holds the coin.

It is the Hand of God
That flips the coin
The prose brings to mind the song by Jewel, 'Hands'.
Have a good Friday, sunshine. There is big and small discord around the world and in our own neighbourhood. But together we are held by the Hand of God. For you and I, we are brothers and sisters United in Worship.
Pax Taufiqa.

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