Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mikhail - Just turned 7 years old and already heart-broken

Mika was in bed this night, when he suddenly asked me, “Am I in love, Papa?”
My eyebrows climb an inch, “I don’t know. Are you?”
He replied wistfully, “I was. But now the love is broken.”
“What do you mean, Mika?”
I sat up, interested.
Well, you know, I was in TTDI*, then I was transferred to SKBD*. So she’s not in my new class.” He explained.
“Gee, what was her name?”
“I don’t know, Papa, she didn’t have a name tag.”
Then we fell asleep. I didn’t want to enquire too much too soon. He will share more with me when he’s ready.

Later this same night I woke up and found my son missing. A few minutes later he came back into the room. He said he was thirsty, so he went down to get a small jug. Thoughtfully he offered me some. While drinking, I ventured to ask further information about his broken love.
“Why did you like her?”
“Oh, umm… she liked me, then I like her.” Love is so easy when you are 7 years old.
“Yes, but HOW DID you know she liked you?”
Mikhail answered, “She borrowed pencil sharpener from me. She liked me.” So simple. He then elaborated. “You see Papa, my pencil sharpener is special, she can use it without having to go all the way to the rubbish bin.”

I commiserated with the young beau, “Oh, I am sorry, Mika.” But my son was philosophical about his first heart-break, “That’s okay, Papa. I just have to find a new girl. But maybe not in my new class..."

Is anything more sweet than Young Love? God bless their sweet, generous and pencil sharpening hearts…

Have a nice night, sunshine. And a Happy Chinese New (Bunny) Year tomorrow morning.

Pax Taufiqa.

*TTDI is a school in the adjacent suburb of Taman Tun Dr Ismail. But after only 2 weeks in TTDI Mikhail was transferred to SKBD, which is my neighbourhood school.
P.S. (1.34am). I remembered telling Mika not to trust girls. And what does he do? He falls for the first pretty thing that asks to borrow his pencil sharpener. *Sigh* See related postings:-
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Anonymous said...

Gosh. Whatever happened to having a gf when he's only 16? I guess u can't help who and when u fall for.. He's so cute I cud gigit him for tea break. :) - fifi

Anonymous said...

His answers are so cute. Everything is simple at that age.

Milky Tea said...


He has always been flexible in his interpretation of principles. And like you too, he is a biter! Hehehe.


No baggage, anon. That's why I believe that things were so simple for us when we were younger. When happiness is simply whether your mum would turn left (to have lunch with you at your favourite stall) or turn right (to bring you straight home) after school.

It is my aim to disentangle myself from all baggages that I have attached myself to, and to find a simpler happier life. May we all find that simple nirvana, before we learnt to believe in thing which are in essence transient. For how can a temporary thing ever give us true happiness, not when our souls are immortal.

Oh well. TO each his/her own!

Thanks thanks thanks for your kind comments!