Friday, February 18, 2011

A True but Wobbly Path, Saying Sorry and a Distinguished Order

If you are an aspirant on the mystical path, being sorry and saying sorry is a habit you must cultivate. In the last chapter entitled 'Candy from the Ahad Candy Store' (circa Jan 2010), I wrote this following missive post one of my many, many mistakes...
56. My Sorry
My sorry means
I am sorry until
You forgive me.
I found that my earliest use of the word in a much earlier writing, waaay back in early 2004 (Chapter 1, the Dam.SunSun.Ana) . And this was what I recorded...
63. The sorry lot of God
Do you remember where we were once before?
Lost and sinning, a worm in an apple’s core
A candle with no light, lying broken upon the floor
What were our lives, to be worth living for?

Do you remember what we were once, my friend?
A smile swiftly lost, snatched by fate’s thieving hand
A joy-short lived, as butter melts in a pan
Such were we, my friend
Till he came and took our hand
And said…

It will be alright, ya faisal
Everything will be great, ya shamsul
Don’t worry too much, ya hafidz
Its going to be cool, ya saiful

Ya Maulana, ya Maulana, ya Saidi!
Who moved your heart to take in these bumbling fools?

We who were left behind, when everyone else have been chosen
We, the sorry lot of God, messing with boats upon His Ocean.
So, I would like to dedicate this posting to my four boat-mates. I still see them all and they have not changed one bit (well, maybe a little bit fatter and a little less hair). They are still bumbling and messing with boats in God's Ocean. And I wouldn't want them to change. Not for anything. The Order to which they are affliated is called the Distinguished Order... No doubt distinguished by the foolishness of its members that the Masters must manage on a daily basis. Wise Men Say... Only Fools Rush In.... (UB40 version)
A toast, then my pet. To all our friends and bosom companions. May their heart forever be light, and their path ahead however wobbly still be true.
Pax Taufiqa.

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