Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Children are not our Beta-versions to experiment with...

There was a Maulidur Rasul celebration at Mikhail's school last Friday. He was dressed for the function in our traditional Johorean Malay costume. I don't think he is actually Johorean but nevermind.

Later this week, Mikhail was in another costume, perhaps not so traditional. Mika is versatile that way. Kids are all open to new ideas and initiative, and I wonder just how much credit or blame we deserve when we mess about with their divine codes. As the sinner once mused ...

92. I, Wobot II
Children are not beta-versions of you to be experimented with.

I think parents should be careful as to how they bring up their children, don't you agree? I mean you can be the Dragon-Mummy or the Tigercub-Daddy or even the Papa-Grizzly, but like all systems - we need to apply any dogma with discretion. And if we screw up, Lord knows how many therapy sessions would be required to fix the poor child. I hope Mika will do fine. I worry sometimes, you know...

91. I, Wobot
Like a computer,
Every hour, divine programs
Are downloaded from the
Website in the Sky.

But it is when their elders,
Mess about with their codes,
That children become confused,
And they hang, refusing to reboot;
Ctrl, Alt, Del!
Ctrl, Alt, Del!

A LITTLE PRIDE IS OKAY. Mika came home from Kumon (Japanese-style tuition for Mathematics and English) with two bronze medals for English and Mathematics. I am not saying he is very proud of his achievements, but when I came home late, I found him sleeping in bed already, with his medallions still wrapped around his neck. Ah well. I never won anything at 7 years old. For me, getting to school on time was a good enough achievement for any day, and my sainted mother should be thankful already for that personal effort from me.

We all desire our children to be so much better than us. And above all, we do not wish to saddle our children with the emotional baggage of our own failings and regrets. We try to do good, even if we ourselves are not good. Since we share such noble sentiments, how can we not all be brothers and sisters?

Have a nice Wednesday, sunshine. I am so happy that I am well again.

Pax Taufiqa.

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