Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Love Story Between Gabriel & Muhammad, and Angelic Humour

ANGELIC HUMOUR. I don't actually believe that Angels have a sense of humour. You cannot stop me however from hoping that they do. But such is the enormity of their responsibility, and the identity of their Boss (the Almighty God) that such hopes appear unlikely to be fulfilled. Angels are creature of pure light after all, and how can we have humour without some colour. Unless of course, the Angels can be broken through the prism and unleash the colours contained in their nature. Then maybe they can make Haha. But I am not holding my breath.
THE LOVE STORY OF GABRIEL & MUHAMMAD. It is however incorrect to suggest that Angels are totally devoid of personality. In the interaction between Gabriel and the Prophet Muhammad, there are stories which appear to suggest the delicate personality of this angelic herald of God. I believe that whatever happened to Gabriel, happened simply because of the Prophet Muhammad, and by the fact that the Arch Angel was the first of his kindred to give his bay'at (oath of love and loyalty) to Muhammad Messenger of God. I remember writing thus...

101. The Oath of Angels
Gabriel had the honour
To be the first of his kind
To give bay’at
To Muhammad.
Blowing his circuits,
As he wonders,
What is this thing
Into me
The existence of Angels, just like God Himself, is something which is believed implicitly based on faith. I cannot see them, nor do I hear them. But sometimes, quitely alone in the solitude of my writing, I feel them - "Look, look, he's writing about us again." I could feel them chatting. They are everywhere, being by far the most populous creation compared to Man and the Djinns. And they are certainly there with you, attending to you by the command of God, who first commanded all of Creation and the Angels to prostrate before our common grandfather, Adam.
LOVECHILD. To every child born into this world, are anointed angelic guardians. They answer and are familiar to our true spirit. As a sinner, I do not know where my true spirit is residing. I know I am apparent, after all, I see my reflection in the mirror. But sometimes I feel I am hidden, and that these fingers that are typing these words now are being moved by invinsible strings. Mind you, we are not puppets, but I do believe we have a Master, more loving than the clouds, more forgiving than the rain. We just cannot see Him, that's all. It doesn't mean that He doesn't exist, nor that His Love is an illusion. How can it be, when you and I are here still? And I feel that slowly, I am falling in love with you already... Just like how Gabriel fell in love with the Prophet. And I am not confounded by anyone who says otherwise...
46. Lot of the Self-Taught
O’ retarded spirits!
O’ puzzled kindred!
If Islam is not mystical,
Then show me God.
If Islam is not magical,
Then show me the angels.
If Islam is not spiritual,
Then show me thy spirit.
Hah! It is to thy convenience
That thou scoff at us sinners.
Have a lovely Thursday, sunshine.
Pax Taufiqa

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