Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Many Wedding Invitation Cards, but to the Same One Wedding

His Love is a Love
Intimately Private
As the Bridal Chamber,
Yet publicly rejoiced
Like the Wedding Feast.

ANONYMITY IS GOOD. I am glad that mostly, my readers are anonymous. Because it would be difficult for me to share my feelings with someone knowing that I cannot make he/she feel the same way I do. This blog is a guilt-free way for me to talk of God and the Nabee (the Prophet Muhammad) without the 3 Fears.

THE FEAR. What is the fear you ask? Oh, there are many things that I worry about. For one, I fear to spoil the Good Name of God. And the Good Name of His Prophet(s) and Saints. I fear that if you were to know me personally, see me in all my foul and loathsome aspects, you would say that I am not qualified to talk of what I talk about. I have hoped to keep the readers expectations low by calling the blog “The Sinners’ Almanac”. But that too can be a coy pretension of humility. So rule No.1 is - Never trust a sinner! He may be toying with your emotions. (I am, you know.)

THE FEAR PART 2. The second thing which worries me when I talk to people is the fear of raising a strain of doubt in their heads. After all, I tend to make great claims of God and the Prophet’s love for mankind (me included). I would suggest real intimacy with the Creator. I would say things like I was there with the Prophet – that whenever I read (or am told a story) about the Prophet, I could imagine myself there, beside him, reliving the Prophetic scene, either trembling with sadness or tears flowing with joy. That I could see a gigantic Angel whirling around me, playing an electric guitar while astride two tall hills. Thus, you cannot blame me if I don’t speak much about God and the Nabee to people. It is simply too mad. So what I do is write.

THE FEAR PART 3. Another thing which bugs me is the fear that I might get passionate and all riled-up (and it has happened before) while talking about God. After all, just as you may find my perception of God and His Prophet too woolly, so too may I find your perception of the Divine strange and difficult to swallow, open-minded as I may be. Writing helps me appear wiser than I really am. It is easy to be circumspect in hindsight, you see.

THE ONLY BRIDGE IS LOVE. The only bridge by which we may cross the divide of our perceptions of the Divine is through Love. It is all about Love – so ultimately, what you interact with God in the antechamber of your soul, in the secret garden of your conscience, in your holy communion, is entirely your own affair. No need for me to know! No need for me to understand! So long as you come out of the bridal chamber smiling… that is all that is important to me. Hehehe.

THE WEDDING FEAST. The truth is, sunshine, we have no choice. Not if we wish to understand love. Love the One and love the All. Underneath the Throne of our Lord I survey His creation and He is asking me, “How can you not love whom I love?” And in that context, love is about sharing and acceptance. Submission to God, and submission to what He has ordained to be your creed and your people. After all, are we not all brothers and sisters? And are we not all at the Wedding Feast to which God has invited us? You must know that however the Wedding Invitation may be written - in Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu or Buddhist scripts, it is still an invitation to the same One Wedding and to the Same One God.
Have a nice day, sunshine. I am well again. God bless!

Pax Taufiqa.

Post Script Wednesday morning - This is a rather rambling post, but I hope you still enjoy it. I am sorry, but between catching up with work after 4 days of leave, the writing is rather hasty and untidy - and I KNOW that my writing is commonly untidy already! Oh, well.

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