Friday, February 18, 2011

Woman - Tiger of God. Love Don't Bite.... Much.

29. I was looking for a Dove, God sent me a Tiger
Love glided like
A phantom of the forest,
Crouching in the high grass
Of doubt that surrounded me.
Then she coiled like a spring
Before lunging unto me.
We locked in a lovers’ embrace
As claw and fang draw a little blood
And my skin is broken in many places.

We paused, breathless,
Then she said,
“Had you not struggled,
I would not have inadvertently
Wounded you.”

I replied, “Had I not struggled,
You would be woefully disappointed
To find such a willing and
Helpless prey.”

She smiled and replied,
“Hehehe. Maybe.”

(Poem from Chapter entitled 'The Bride's Dress')
MAN. We men sometimes just don't want to argue. We want to stay quiet and still. We may think we have really good reasons for our view, but we do not think the time is right to say it. Not when the Tiger is hungry and hunting. But perhaps nothing is more infuriating to the Tiger than the silent treatment. She wants to argue. To debate the point in issue. To air out her feelings and draw us to make some unforgivable statement. So we prefer to zip it. But you see, in the relationship between a man and a woman, the right to remain silent is not protected under any clause or amendments to the Constitution of Love.
Love don't bite.....Much
LOVE. Yes, you go out there, into the Forest of Love looking for a Dove. Because that is what is normally advertised in the Brochures of Love. You flip through the brochure, happily dreaming of Love with a Dove. You wear your best and bring a pair of binoculors to go birdwatching. Not knowing that deep in the Jungle, a Tiger is sharpening her claws and brushing her toothy sharp fangs. Waiting for you.
TIGER OF GOD. So you do your job and wrestle the Tiger. And you get mawled. Bitten to bits. Eaten alive. There is no winning in Love, you know. It is all about submission. You fight the good fight, playing your role as the hapless victim - but ultimately love is about losing - submission. First, submission to the Tiger. Then, submission to God. So you see, Woman is the Tiger of God. And Man, you poor saps, you are the Lamb.
While surfing, I bumped into Michael Franks's song, Tiger in the Rain. Its a lovely sleepy little tune to share with your Tiger or Lamb (or Bear), as the case may be.
Have a lovely Friday, pet.

Pax Taufiqa.


Anonymous said...

You had better be careful around that tiger. There is another legend, completely different from your version, though in some ways similar. It is, that if a tiger attacks you, though a phantom one, and tries to kill you, it means the tiger is consuming your lower consciousness and transforming it into higher spiritual consciousness. You could lose your sins! Then Shiva, the tiger hunter, comes along to kill the tiger, at which point you will experience God Realization. That is what our journey is all about anyway. So watch out!

Milky Tea said...

Dear Anon,

Thank you for the warning, my only hope is that i shan't be mistaken for the tiger...

Yes, that is what our journey is all about. When my friend, Sumathi, used to work in my office, we often traded stories of Hindu and Muslim saints and mystic lores. I remember her telling me why Ganesh is often depicted with him on top of the MOuse - Ganesh being reprsentative of our high selves and the Mouse our egos. Reflecting our daily struggle to overcome and control our rampaging ego - which is very interestinly depicted in Sumathi's story as a timorous little mousie.

In my readings, i have come across many stories in Islam and Hinduism which appears to move parallel in terms of the particular issue it is addressing. This is so in spite Islam being more commonly compared to the Judeo-CHristian traditions.

Well, Anon, even if I lose my sins, I would just commit more sins so as to maintain my sinner's credentials. And I hope to write still and bump into spirits who appear kindred to me, whatever hat they wear, whatever creed that they may hold - because from my experience, such people tend to smile, laugh and cry for the same reasons that i woul smile, laugh or cry...

GOd bless...