Monday, November 26, 2012

Just Like Old Times - of friendship, chance meeting and the shedding of bitterness

My Old Friend
I met him, 
I saw him last night,
And we exchange pleasantries,

I saw him last night,
And I thought him beautiful
As the first time we met,

All my bitterness,
All my sadness,
All my sorrow fell away
Like leaves on a beautiful autumn day,

We spoke for a while only,
But it was enough for me,
He was my friend, you see.

And the funny thing was last night... 
My heart unconditionally confirmed, 
"You fool, Taufiq. He still is!"

I was outside the banquet hall at a wedding. It was there that I chance into my old friend, just minding his cigarette under a bleak evening rain. He was also invited to the wedding because he is a cousin to the bride.

I anticipated this meeting, but not the outcome. For you see, he had some harsh words that he once wrote me, and I was hurt. And for the longest time, I kept my sadness and, I must admit it here, my bitterness. Like a troll sulking in the cave, I nursed my pain and bitterness like a burning itch. But after a while, even this troll grew tired of being separated from his friend. Yet even then, I did not look for my friend, and indeed, in a couple of occasions when I saw him in a social function, I slipped away. Still a troll, I guess.

So it was a relief for me, that when I bumped into him last night, with no chance of evading an encounter, my heart delighted in seeing his smiling face, shedding in an instance, two years of hurt, regret and sorrow. I was happy because I did not even have to think about it, I was simply glad to finally talk to him. And being reminded once again in his kind words and thoughtful remarks, why he is my friend.

It was just like old times. I count this as a win for the Prophet, and glory unto God, Friend of the Friends, and Best Fixer-Upper of Petty Squabbles. 

Amongst Friends... and Shaykh Raja. Sometime in 2006, I reckon.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way 

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