Thursday, November 22, 2012

Our Memories is Greater than the Sum of all its Parts - life, death, mothers, masters and God

Bukit Kiara Cemetery, Kuala Lumpur.

Our Memories
Though you may not see Him,
Verily, He sees you,
Though you may not hear Him,
Verily, He hears you,
Though you may not remember Him,
Verily, He remembers you in good company,
Not a single moment has He left you in doubt,
Not a single page of your life that He has not read aloud,
Every glance, every tear that you shed,
Every laughter, every smile and playful pout,
All your joy and bitter regrets,
All your good and all your bad,
All your within and all your without,
Like a riverfall descending down the mountain side,
Like the little fishermen boats that run through the harbour,
You course through His thoughts as you make your way to Him,
To His sea and to His mercy,
And along the way,
You met me
And you helped make 
Our Memories.

Dearest mother,
How I miss your smile and laughter. Your impregnable optimism and your fire. How I miss your cooking, all that fish and vegetables. How I miss you bringing fruits and produce from other countries. How I miss you greeting the many friends and family who would come to our house, bringing light of laugh and love into our lives.

Dearest master,
How I miss your presence, silent and all-encompassing. How I miss the way you say my name. And how you made me feel. You were small in stature, but somehow you seemed to me seven feet tall. I still have your number in my cellphone. If I call it, who will now answer?

Dearest dearest,
You were ever present in these, the memories of my mother and my master. My beloved, benovelent, most kind and merciful Creator. I knew you were there. I had no doubt. For you have given me a life rich with love and laughter, tribulation and ease, success and failure. However my life has turned, I knew I had your undivided attention…


Arbayah binti Haji Hashim, somewhere in South England.

Subhanim Allah, Sultanim Allah, Nabim Muhammad alayhi salam.

Wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way
My happiness is by their side
I await the Day

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