Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"STAY...", Love said to me

1.      I have seen You!
I have seen You, Love!
Reflected upon the waters
Of your creation!

I have heard You, Love!
In the sweet muttering
Of your creation!

You will not let me sleep,
You will goad and flirt,
You will be selfish
With me,
Again and again.

How You love me
I do not care,
For here You are,
With me,
In any time,

I cannot walk away,
Not when you look
At me that way,
Telling me,

Love never said, "Go away." Love never said, "Leave me be." Love never said, "You are excused, you may go." Which is really fortunate for us, for how will we leave Love's presence, sustained as we are in our spirit and our very being by Love's loving gaze?

100. The Minnow
O’ Little Minnow
Swimming in the shallow.
No where could you go
That His River does not flow.

God is Love Manifest beyond the wildest dreams of poets and lovers, and from there comes His Attribute as your nourisher and sustainer. And though He could compel the smallest minnow or the mightiest king to be in His divine presence, He does not - He asks you, as how befits the Lover to the Beloved, "Stay."

So if one day you find yourself standing at the corner, waiting for a cab to take you away from Love, turn off the bitterness and come back inside, where there is love, warmth and you. For where would the real you be if not with love?


wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way 

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val said...

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