Monday, November 5, 2012

The Ego and the Sea - how to captain a ship manned by a mutinous crew

Angel of the Sea: Uh Oh. Taufiq has struck the rocks again. Stranded on a
deserted island. Again. 

10. Not That Drunk
You say you are drunk in His Ocean
Besotted in His Love,
But yea, still sober enough to request for intermissions,
While treading the Path.

Hehehe. Mystics like to talk about traversing The Ocean of Mercy, sailing upon the Sea of Love. But for all the mercy and loveliness of God's oceans, we often find ourselves stranded on a deserted island, our sails torn because we were caught by a raging storm in the middle of the sea. Perhaps we sailed just too close to the storm of life? Did we intentionally sail into the tempest, or did God's wind and tide inadvertently bring us to the end of this journey? I think it can happen both ways.

Yes, I am afraid the prose is often too true. We would like to think we know and that we are aware of the truth and reality of God, life, love, hate, good and evil. After all, knowing is one thing, but evading dangers in the deep blue sea of life is a whole different matter... Especially when the captain of our ship, a.k.a. our Heart and Conscience is forever facing the risk of mutiny by our Ego. Our good conscience wants to sail to the sea of kindness and tolerance, patience and understanding, but our ego is forever trying to usurp control of  our life and lead us towards the black waters of hate and hubris, anger and impatience.

And yet we cannot sail this life without our ego. For this world in its artificial edifice and transient nature is a world created perfectly for the ego. And so long as we are in our physical ship, a.k.a. our bodies, we need our ego to man the sails and swab the decks. So you are in effect a captain in charge of a rebellious crew... Good luck with that. 

He he he. 

Alone we would be putty in the hands of the ego. That is why we are advised to seek for the Captain of captains, the Master of the Seas and the conqueror over mutinies. God, has not forgotten us, sailing precariously upon the ocean of His creation. That is why, through the ages of Mankind, He has sent Prophets and Saints to guide us safely through the stunningly beautiful, yet horribly dangerous waters of the Sea that we call Life. So why not ask for help?


wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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