Thursday, December 2, 2010

God's Door is Never Closed, neither was my Mother's

9. No Barred Gate
There is no barred gate,
No locked door,
To My temple.

Not for My servants,
Are the endless wailing
To gain entry
Into My house,
Furiously knocking at the doorsteps
Of the priests and caretakers,
Asleep in their priestly cots.

For My true abode
Is in the hearts of My servants,

And be assured I sleep not.

So wrote the sinner in chapter 34, entitled “A Thought Away” (circa September 2008).

Oh yes, God doesn’t sleep or rest. But I do. I need to. So if you come to me seeking aid while I am asleep, you shan’t get any. Not unless you wake me up. I may help you, but I reserve the right to be surly and (a little) insincere.

The sad thing about me is, unlike the Loving God, I ain’t so loving even when I am conscious. If I am tired, or busy and a deadline is knocking on my door, I would be like those priests and caretakers, not asleep, but simply too engrossed with my exhaustion or my work to give you aid. So between deadlines and friends, it is probable that I would choose deadline over friends. Especially if it is nearing the end of the month and my overheads are looming in my horizon like a black looking thingy. I am rationalising... sorry. There is really no excuse.

How lucky for you then that God is not finite. He is running His show 24/7 since year dot and before. Depend on Him to keep His Pearly Gates open. And don’t be like me; make sure your own pearly gates are continuously open also, to love and accept whoever God has sent to you seeking aid. If you do so, surely then, you are also a good host to God Himself.

My mum taught me all this. Not by words (like me), but by the best lesson possible - by example. And today I am sharing it with you, with the hope that it goes some way to mitigate for my poor hospitality. I am a sinner, but you… you are absolutely wonderful. Your example is a golden hope in the skies of my graying soul. And if one day, you find me knocking on your door asking for help, then help me. God will repay you for whatever kindness you give to this beggarly sinner.

Have a great Thursday, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

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