Thursday, December 23, 2010

God, Prophet and Rock & Roll - Part 2

DEAR PROPHET. I found myself this rainy Thursday morning amongst the breakfast crowd. I drifted away listening to music on my iPod. When I came back I found myself in tears, a pen in my hand and writing these words…
Dear Prophet,

I love my mother and father,
My siblings and friends,
I love my son and my love,
I love all whom I love,
Alas, that I do not love
Any of them perfectly.

And above all,
I love you, my Prophet,
And alas too, that
I do not love you perfectly.

I am but a man, weak and foolish,
Of flesh and blood, with headaches,
Toothaches and all sorts-of-aches,
Riding and being ridden by my ego,
A fluttering leaf in the storms of fate,
How can I ever love you so?

Yet you are a man too,
But that did not stop you
From loving me perfectly.

Being human did not stop you
From arranging for us sustenance of love
And the abiding attention of the saints and angels
To guide our hearts home to you.

I know that
A day will come
When you will say unto God
“Take whatever good I have done,
Whatever rewards that You wish to grant me,
And give it all unto mankind,
For they do not know You as I do.”

My heart, my Prophet…
How shall I ever know how you do what you do?
And how you are able to love mankind so perfectly?

I CRY EASILY. I blame my zodiac sign, Cancer, and my friend, Ash, who tells me that I am ‘sensitive’. I was driven to distraction by the music and lyrics of Beyonce’s Halo (Click Here), composer - Ryan Tedder (Leadman of OneRepublic), Evan Bogart.

Then I was madly affected by Ruth Sahanaya’s ‘Kaulah Segalanya / You are Everything’ (Click Here), Indonesian composer / lyricist - Tito Soemarsono.

Both ballads brought the Prophet to my mind, and in Tito’s sublime lyrics, I could hear a seeker’s lament for his Master, Muhammad Habibullah…

Mungkin hanya Tuhan / Maybe only God
Yang tahu segalanya / Will know everything
Apa yang kuinginkan / That I desire
Di saat-saat ini / In moments like this

Kau takkan percaya / You will not believe
Kau selalu di hati / (that) You are always in my heart
Haruska ku menangis / (so) Must I cry
Tuk mengatakan yang sesungguhnya / To tell you sincerely
Chorus :
Kaulah segalanya untukku / (that) You are everything to me
Kaulah curahan hati ini / You are the outpouring of this heart
Tak mungkin ku melupakanmu / It impossible for me to forget you
Tiada lagi yang kuharap / (and) There is none that I hope for
Hanya kau seorang / other than you alone
POP SONGS… I appreciate the Classics, but honestly, I don’t actually need a Bach or a Beethoven symphony to hear Divine Intimacies. Nor do I need a Van Goth painting to tell me about Truth, Love and Beauty. The Trinity was already scrawled in crayon upon my soul, and signed-off - ‘Mika was here!’*

Have a wonderful day, sunshine. Each day that you are with me is a good day. Love ya.

Pax Taufiqa.

Footnote: If you have some free time, perhaps you are curious to read my earlier posting about God, the Prophet and Rock & Roll (Click Here). *Mika is my six-year old son.

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