Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy New Year and the Nature of Numbers

Free Yourself From Your Slavery to Numbers
I am the Master of Numbers,
I am the Owner of Infinity,
I am the Lord of Zeros.

If only you know of Me,
That I am the One and Only,
You would have freed yourselves
From the chains of slavery
To the Numbers.

I am here,
Yet you are distracted
By the plurality of Creation,
Which was created merely
To contrast the Oneness,
The Uniqueness and
The Beauty that
Is Me.

You are as many
As the grains of sands
In the Universe,
But my Love for each
Of you cannot be measured
Even if all the Angels sat to count
The seconds from the beginning
Until the End of Time.

So come to Me,
And let My Love topple
That frightening edifice
Of debt, age, overheads
And bankruptcies
That you have built
To haunt your peace.

Know My meaning,
Know that I am the One,
Wonderous and Fair.
And of Numbers
You shan't
Need to

It's all about numbers. Today is the New Year’s Day of the Muslim Calendar. The number is now 1432. It is a modest number, not showy or grand at all. But its real significance must be traced back to the number “1”, when a Quraysh man was inspired to spread faith, compassion and civilization in the Arabian Peninsular under the light of a monotheistic faith (the belief in One God) called Islam.

He was Chosen to free mankind from the slavery to the many ‘gods’ of our imagination, and from servitude to our insatiable ego. To lead man back to the Path of Conscience and Good Manners.

I hope to be a better human being this year. Maybe lose a couple of inches around the waist. But above all, I hope to be more patient. And for this, I always look to your example, my dear reader.

.And I must also try to be less obsessed about my blog hits. Because I know that it doesn't really matter how many people read this blog, so long as you read it.

Have a superb year, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

Footnote: ‘Free Yourself From Your Slavery to Numbers’ is from current and untitled chapter.


Anonymous said...

You said October 12 in reply to my comment: “Thank you again. I shall bring your kind words to the one most worthy of praise. I shall be visiting him in Medina this December, if God permits. And I think I shall cry a lot... my prose anticipates it! Ya Huuu!”

It is December … are you and ‘my words’ going? I hope God permits it, and that you don’t cry too much … though I would never be able to mind myself on that one, so why should you!! I wish you the fullest heart for your journey of the heart.

Anonymous said...

PS. And Happy New Year!!

Milky Tea said...

A reader with a good memory! Thank you, Anon, for your kind comments and my apologies for the late reply.

Alas, it is my sad report to say that the December trip is cancelled due to too many cancellations. It is however a bitter sweet fate, because this means that I may (I don't want to say 'will' anymore!) be joining the March 2011 package which will include a side visit first to Jerusalem before heading to Mecca and Medina! Hurrah!

I am sorry therefore that I shan't be able to pass your words on to the Prophet this month. But come March, with the grace of God the Arranger, I shall be able to share your words only with the Prophet Muhammad, but also with the Prophet Abraham in Hebron as well as my two most favourite companion and saint... the Persian Salman al Farsi and the female saint Rabia. Their maqams are not far from Jerusalem town.

Your tears would fill the desert, Anon, so that you may sail more easily to reach Muhammad, the Father of Smiles, the Healer of the Broken-hearted!

Happy new year and God bless you, and God bless all of you...

Pax Taufiqa.