Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mikhail, Jack Black, Hamzah & Hamzah Jr., and a Client called the Predator

FILM REVIEW. My son is happy. He watched Jack Black’s movie “Gulliver’s Travels” last night with my brother and nephew. Mika loved the movie, but the other two were quite willing to walk out 20 minutes into the movie. Well, that’s my film review for today. Sorry, I cannot focus much because I have a toothache. It hurts so bad that I am counting the minutes before my appointment with the dentist later today. *Ouch*

I don’t really feel very spiritual right now. The opposite in fact. So no high falootin’ discussion about sinners and saints, just sharing…

MIKHAIL, HAMZAH AND HAMZAH JR. If you have been a habitual reader of this blog, you may have already read about Hamzah the Lion (Click Here). He is a guest blogger and fills in for me sometimes. Anyway, Mika took a shine to him and wanted a pencil-case-animal too, so I bought him a tiger.

“So what’s is his name, Mika?”
“Hamzah Junior.”
“Hamzah Jr? Is he related to Hamzah?
“They are father and son, Papa”,
my son replied.
“Mikhail, how can they be father and son? Hamzah’s a lion and Hamzah Jr. is a tiger.”
With an exasperated tone, Mika answered, “Papaaa, you were the one who bought him!”
“Umm, okay.”

THE PREDATOR AT THE OFFICE. We had a client from outer space last week. He wanted to buy some real estate in Kuala Lumpur. We had problems communicating because he keeps disappearing and reappearing, and he talks gibberish.

Dammit, my tooth still hurts. And it’s still 4 hours to my dental appointment. Someone please bring a gun and put me out of my misery.

Well, may you have a great day (since I am not), sunshine!

Pax Taufiqa.


Anonymous said...

Oh no... There is almost nothing worse than a toothache. I hope by now you have been to the dentist and all is well. Other than the toothache, your posts are always a bright ray of sunshine, everyday. I love to visit here. Hope your day brightens up!

Milky Tea said...

Dear Anon,
The birds are tweetering in the trees, everybody I saw today looks beautiful, morning coffee was delicious, am looking forward to work! Hehehe, Which of course means that I have been to the dentist and the pain, like a bad song, is gone... Hip Hip Huu Ray!

THank you for the comment. You are always too kind!

God bless all dentists.