Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rumi, the Wedding Carriage of Love and Vows on the Day of Promises

Death, the Wedding Carriage of Love
Upon birth I became engaged with Love,
And my life has become a journey
To accumulate a dowry
Fitting for her
Although beset as I am
By a world who
Is doing her best to
Supplant my fiancé.

So if you find me one day
Ill and slipping fast,
Wash me, pray over me
And dress me in
A virgin white robe
That they call a shroud,
For even though my Love
Is well aware of my many transgressions
And countless broken vows,
She has not once broken her vows to me,
And still desires our union despite
Me being clearly a poor match
To her Splendid Beauty…

So do not grieve, my friend
When you see my wedding carriage
That they call Death come
To take me away to her, for
I am only finally concluding
A consummation long sought!

… and grieve not for yourself, my friend!
For if Love desires me still,
As a sinner and degenerate soul that I am,
How more would she desire you?

How I wish for a moment to be like you,
And just for once in my life
Show my Love just how much
I am in Love with her,

To be the suitor that
Love truthfully deserves...

"We do not glorify death, we glorify love!", was the accompanying whisper of Rumi that followed the writing of Death, the Wedding Carriage of Love. A second advise arrived this morning, "Do not look for what is certain, which is death - but what must be chosen, which is love". And finally, I remembered an earlier comment, "Those who desire death does not know the true value of this life but those who desire Love, understand the true value of life and death."

"If you know the world is to end tomorrow, and today you intended to plant a tree, plant it!" , the Prophet once said.

It is a cool Wednesday morning here in Kuala Lumpur. I have tummy pains from my inconsiderate consumption of chilli last night. Transcendental prose is nice and interesting, but I wish I had an indigestion elixir right this very minute. "Ahh.... once a sinner, always a sinner!" says Rumi.

But you, my friends - you are the gentle light on my eyes and a cool balm of my heart. How I wish to be like you, and love Love as Love truthfully deserves. Alas, I cannot be you. I am me.
But when we met earlier on the Day of Promises, you promised me that you shan't leave me, and that you shall always be patient with me. I remember what you said, and I will hold you to your vows... Do you think that on the Day of Promises, vows were made only between God and man?


Take care, sunshine.
Pax Taufiqa.

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