Monday, December 20, 2010

Having a Cup of Certainty at Rumi's Famous Tea Room

Last night I visited Rumi at his famous Tea Room,
He offered me a pot of the stuff, saying “Have some tea!”.
I took a sip of the beverage and found it wonderful.
“This is amazing tea! What tea is this?”
“Ah!” He exclaimed, apparently delighted but saying no more.
Once I finished off the tea, Rumi immediately poured another piping hot cup,
which I found to be even better, “Wow, Rumi, this is even more delicious!”
With a glint in his eyes, he replied,
“My tea is special. It gets yummy and yummier with every cup!”
“Then you should really name and brand your tea, you know.”, I countered.
“It already has a name, haven’t you guessed?”
He replied as he poured from the teapot, “It’s called Certainty”.
If certainty is important to people of all religion, then ‘Troubling doubt’ is the No.1 enemy of all faiths. Rabbis in synagogues and theologians in mosques constantly exhort their flock towards certainty. The Arabic word for certainty is ‘Yaqin’ (or Yakin).

I reckon that certainty / yaqin, much like belief, is not something promulgated by the mind. It must be felt in the heart.

Lucky are those who are sipping certainty each and every second of their blessed lives. I am not one of them, but if you are, then please… share with me a little drop from your cup. For each drop you give me, surely God will grant you an ocean…
Drinking Certainty At Rumi’s Tea Room

Why colour
Your day with doubt
When you can drink
Certainty from
Every Cup
(of Moments)?
Have a great Monday, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

Footnote: Tea, Prose and Sketch is freshly brewed today. Bon appetit.

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