Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Believing IN God and Believing God is not the same thing.

BELIEVE IN GOD. God has no need for us to believe in Him. He has the entire Universe, from the biggest Sun to the smallest slice of the atomic apple that believes in Him already. Why does He even bother with us? Why should we bother with Him?

...TO BE SANE. I guess it is about keeping sane against the arbitrary workings of Fate. Why was I born fat? Why do I drive a beat-up old car? Why am I poor and she is rich? She didn’t work for her wealth, her parents did, is it fair? Why does it always rain after I wash my car? Why is my calf so thin but my thigh Beyonce-esque? If given full freedom, our ego will drive us mad with its incessant demands. So God is saying don’t raise yourself (your ego) as your own private god. Believe in Him that all will work out for the best. He has the Good Plan for you.

BELIEVE GOD. It is not the same as believing in God. For me, at an intellectual plane, I do accept the existence of the Almighty. But in my ups and downs, I sometimes fail to believe Him. When I am up, I can be obnoxious and uppity, thinking my success is of my own efforts, forgetting that God says that success is His reward to give and to take away as He wishes. When I am down, I forget God’s words in Surah Inshirah (XCIV) when He uttered these words of comfort (with double emphasis) ‘So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief’. I think it is fair to say that although we generally believe He exists, every day we are striving to believe His assurances to us… Why should we?

...TO BE HAPPY. He want us to believe Him when He says He loves us more than Romeo loves Juliet, more than Batman loves Robin, more than your mum loves you… Surely happiness is only a heartbeat away if we believe Him. It is much harder than believing in His existence. But really, the sweetness of this understanding is beyond the comprehension of our mental faculty. This deal, this superhero bargain is offered to us in the kingdom of our heart, because simply put, only our heart can comprehend His love for us.

TO CONCLUDE, God is asking us to believe Him, not just believe in Him – because He wants us to be happy. And to realise just how loved and favoured we are. *Sigh* I say this as a sinner, but you? Just how much He loves you is honestly beyond me...

To the Batmobile, Robin!

Pax Taufiqa.

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