Monday, October 22, 2012

A little optimism with your Monday morning cup of tea - the Sky of Love, the Glow of Muhammad the Light, and the bumbling sinners holding on to the balloon...

Holding On
I don't know where I will end up,
Holding on, as best as I can,
On a heart-shaped balloon
With a short wingspan...

A little bit of self-audit,
A little bit of self-deprecating humour,
A little bit of study,
A little bit of funny,
A little dose of serious-ity,
A little dose of irony,
A little bit of praying,
As upon the wings of a prayer,
I go a floatin'...

Laughing and crying,
Singing and dancing,
Learning and obeying,
Disobeying and regretting,
Loving and yearning
Upon the singular path
That attracts all the best
Of man and their kings...

The Path of Love.
Thus, only God and His Prophet
Knows why I am here,
Spoiling the scenery 
With my floating indiscreet prose.

We are all floating. Clinging for dear life (and sanity) on the thin thread that is tied to that big balloon in the celestial sky called Love. We are all floating. No matter how certain we are with our calculations of market trends. No matter how assured we are in our 'facts' and experiences. We are all floating in the Sky of God, as bumbling souls, big or small, fat or thin, hoping and praying that God sends us to the best of places, to the highest firmament of divinely graced happiness, over the valleys of Man, up to the Highlands of the Saints, further beyond to the peak of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s). And beyond? Unto the divine presence, veiled from even the highest flying Angels of God, to where the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) is, waiting for us, beckoning us, and breathing the guiding wind of truth, mercy and love... that we may come to him soon. Very, very soon. 

My name is Taufiq, if you would care to know. And as a student of this life, I think I would have despaired for Mankind (and myself) as I witness, on the daily basis, human greed and folly, spreading fasad (corruption), falsehood and tyranny through out the lands. But I am assured by the balloon that I hold on to, that it will not fail me. Not in a million years, not in an infinite span of sad days and crying nights will I consider that God would fail me, that Muhammad Habibullah, the anointed Mercy to all the world(s) would fail me. We are all carried in the wind by the very best prayers and wishes of all of God's own Angels, by the very best desires of the Companions and Saints of the Prophet. 

Now the day called Monday is open anew for you. The Angels have awoken the Sun, and the birds are bursting forth in their musical choir for you, and for me. This is a good day. This is the very best of days, for it is another twenty-four hours to get to know yourself. For verily, if you but knew yourself, as God knows you, you would fall in love with yourself, you will keep yourself safe from your own neglect, and the Light of Love burnished in the Glow of Muhammad the Light shall never grow dimmed. Indeed, in these dark times it will shine brighter than a million galaxy of supernovas.

There... A little optimism with your Monday morning cup of tea. Go forth with God, sunshine!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way 

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