Monday, October 1, 2012

Tragedies and Tribulations, Happiness and Successes - attachment, detachment and God

The Angel is looking on Mankind, and wearily shaking its head thinking,
"Oh what has become of thee, Children of Adam and Eve...?"
1.      No loss, no win
Truth is come,
Will the heart withstand?

In the fastness of its hallowed pasture
Truth is here as a storm of hailstones,
As a dry and bitter drought,
Assailing your home,
Or whether Truth is here
As the teardrop of angels
In the morning rain?
Do we not always struggle in vain?
Looking to Truth as
Boon or bane?

When in truth, Truth is Truth
In whatever guise Truth
May come in,
And to surrender is to accept
That there is, in truth,
No loss, no win.

It is difficult not to consider winning or losing when in each moment of our lives we are torn between both emotions. Why, even some Angels of God applaud our victories and wearily shake their heads at our losses. 

But of course, the heavenly heralds only look unto our spiritual state, and how we respond to every twist and turn of fate, as truth is revealed, manifested in something 'good' for us, or something 'bad'.

Yesterday, I wrote that the human ego is a complex creature. And it is indeed complex because the very nature of this physical world which motivates and propels us towards some spiritual enlightenment. And the ego will take its share and dominate us whether we are facing tragedy and tribulation or happiness and success. Wherever the Angels may be, they only shake their heads when they see our natural fitrah (essence) towards goodness being clouded or totally swept aside by our ego. Out goes our happiness and generosity, and in comes our sorrow and selfishness.

I have been a little unbalanced of late. Which means that my own ego has  supplanted my heart as the guiding light. So I seek for solace in writing this to you, sunshine. And hoping that the Most Benevolent God, Lord of the Angels, shall notice and give me succour and aid in this times of my unhappiness. My 8 year old son notices it, I think, and Heche certainly does. I hope to ride my ship through this troubled sea and find calm waters once again. For however well I write these prose, I think I am losing and lost... And I am asking for help from Him, and from His Beloved Prophet, Muhammad ibn Abdullah (pbuh) to guide me.


wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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