Friday, October 26, 2012

OH GOD...! YOU GOT ME! - the arrow, the heavenly website, mikhail and the melodramatic father

My son need not 'score' to win his place in my heart. At his birth God has already scored a bull's eye inside me. It is my life's hope to be worthy of this arrow sent winging its way from Heaven...

Mikhail a.k.a. 'Mini Me'
Well, Mikhail did rather decently for his exams. At his age of 8, it is not necessarily the most important thing in the world to me, but it has certainly elevated my son's self-confidence, which is always a good thing, I doth think. Perhaps more so than any other creature on our planet, the relationship between parent and child is one of the most complex and sincere connection you can have with another human being. He (or she) is genetically and spiritually your own Mini Me.

It is tough being a parent. No training, no proper certification, not even a short internship to prepare us when the stork comes along with the little bundle of joy (which will soon translate into a large bundle of bills and expenses unheard of by the new parent, especially the father). We know we are not very good, and everything devolves into on-the-job training. So our real prayers always is that we don't cause permanent damage to our children. It's a trust thing, you see..

91. I, Wobot
Like a computer,
Every hour, divine programs
Are downloaded from the
Website in the Sky.

But it is when their elders,
Mess about with their codes,
That children become confused,
And they hang, refusing to reboot;
Ctrl, Alt, Del!
Ctrl, Alt, Del!

Have a lovely day, sunshine. And a wonderful Eidul Adha for our Muslim friends... God bless all children.

Damaged? No... my son just has a quirky sense of humour. In fact, if you look closely
enough you can see the fibre optic cable running from the top of his head to
the Heavenly Website upstairs. It is the same for all children.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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