Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Far Beyond the Shores of Mortal Thoughts... sailing the Ocean of Belief

The Shore of Understanding and the Ocean of Belief
Understanding has its limits,
Belief has no limits,
It has oceans, and when you reach
The end of one, another ocean
Opens up for you to sail,
And another, and another.

Sometimes, in the quietness
Of the early morning,
When everyone else's asleep,
I would stand in the mirror
And look to my day’s words and deeds,
And verily, I would shake my head
And address myself, saying,
“O’ you weak fool. I sometimes do not
Understand you at all!”

So how far outside our skin do we
Have any knowledge, when we are
Limited by our own understanding
Of who and what we are?

This is where I often meet my Master,
In the ocean of belief,
With angel-like seagulls flying above,
But I am not catching any fish!

I try to keep close to the familiar,
Hugging the coastline of my own understanding,
Fearing the unknown, but ever the Master
Sends the wind of belief, and whether I like it or not,
My ship’s sail is catching his prayers,
Billowing in the divine breeze of God,
And my ship is entering further and further
Into the Ocean of Belief, 
Far beyond the shores of mortal thoughts.

Sometimes, things happen beyond the normal. It is not abnormal, but it is strange for the course of existence that we would like to take. But the truth is, we cannot have everything our way (thank God!). So we should take some hope that wherever the wind blows our soul towards, it is anywhere and everywhere the Ocean of God, if we would only surrender our own plans and conspiracies and accept the infinite Ocean of Belief.

Where you are right now. Whatever you may be doing, and whomever you are with. All these things occur for a reason. Believe that you are on your way to the Divine Presence, and you will be...

Have a lovely day, sunshine. Happy sailing!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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